COT/ST 912 Rev.5/16
Unclaimed Property Claim Form & Checklist
Comptroller of Maryland
Compliance Division
Unclaimed Property Unit, 301 West Preston Street
Room 310
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2385
410-767-1700, or 1-800-782-7383
See attachment for instructions
Please be sure to attach copies of all necessary documentation.
Part A - Claimant Information - Please print clearly
Name of Claimant(s)
Social Security or FEIN Number
Daytime telephone number
Address of Claimant(s)
City, state, zip code
Relationship to original owner
Email Address
Part B - Information on Property claimed - OFFICE USE ONLY
Original owner name
Social Security or FEIN Number
Type of property
Holder name
Amount of Property
Part C - Provide the following documents
Copy of your driver’s license or other ID (Required)
Copy of Social Security Card or other documentation containing social security number (Required)
Bank documents (e.g. passbook, bank statement, cancelled check)
Proof of afliation with:
Letters of Administration Small Estate Papers True Test Copy of Court Order
Copy of Death Certificate(s) for:
Part D – Afdavit
Under penalties of perjury, I (we) hereby certify that the foregoing information is true and correct. I (we) further certify that I (we)
have not received any property claimed, are entitled to it and know of no other person who claims to be entitled to any portion. I
(we) agree to indemnify the state of Maryland and its ofcers and employees for any loss of claim whatsoever resulting from the
payment of this claim to me (us).
Signature of claimant Signature of co-claimant
All services provided by the state Comptrollers Ofce are free. Maryland law provides that you do not have to pay a fee to anyone
for assisting you in recovering any property within 24 months of the date it was turned over to this ofce. Contracts which provide
for a fee for such claims are unenforceable.
Part E - For ofce use only
Claim No.: _______________________ Control No.: _____________________ Holder No.: _____________________
Report Year: _____________________ Received: _______________________ Total: $ _____________________
Control/Claim Number
COT/ST 912 Rev.5/16
General Instructions
If you are claiming property in the possession of the state,
you must complete and sign this claim form and forward
it, together with the supporting documentation discussed
below, to the Unclaimed Property Section at the address
shown on the front.
Supporting Documentation for Claims
All claimants must establish (1) their personal identity
and (2) entitlement to the property sought.
1. You must submit two forms of personal identication,
one of which must show your social security
number. If the claim is being led by a party acting
as a guardian, executor, administrator or in some
other representative capacity, the appropriate
documentation demonstrating entitlement to make
the claim in that capacity must also been enclosed.
1. Entitlement to the property sought must be
established by the following types of documentation
a. BANK ACCOUNT - A passbook, bank statement,
or cancelled check.
b. DIVIDEND - Proof of afliation with company.
c. STOCK - The original stock certicate.
d. INSURANCE PROCEEDS – Insurance policy or
e. UNCASHED INSTRUMENTS - Original certied
check, money order, travelers check or other
negotiable instrument.
UNCASHED WAGES - Proof of employment.
Finder’s Fees
The state of Maryland does not charge a fee for returning
your property to you. Signing an agreement to have
someone assist you in recovering unclaimed property may
entail the payment of substantial fees. Effective July 1,
1991, such an agreement is unenforceable in Maryland if
it covers property which has been in the state’s custody
for less than two years.
In the absence of any of the foregoing evidence and
for claims of other types of property, you should submit
copies of the best evidence of ownership available.
If an account was originally opened jointly with the names
connected by “and” (John and Mary Doe), both parties
must make claim for the funds. If one of the two
parties is deceased, attach a copy of the
appropriate death certificate.
Only send in copies of documentation.
Please write legibly on all forms.