Parks and Recreation Department
Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application
Last Updated 11.8.19
Any person selling or offering for sale food as a mobile food vendor or operate as a mobile food vendor
within the City shall comply with the requirements and regulations of City Ordinance No. 6402, Article
3.58.030, and submit a Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application to the Parks and Recreation
Business Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address (if any):
(If the applicant is a corporation, partnership, or other entity, then please provide the names and
managers of such entry)
2. VEHICLE INFORMATION: If food is to be sold from any motor vehicle, the vehicle license numbers
and descriptions of all vehicles from which the applicant proposes to sell food, and the names of all
persons expected to drive such vehicles.
Make: Model: License Plate Number:
Driver(s) Names:
3. FOOD DESCRIPTION: Please provide a general description of the food to be sold.
4. DOCUMENTATION SUBMISON: Please submit a copy of the following items:
Provide documentation, if applicable, from the proper authority showing its approval of the
applicant’s sale of food.
State of Iowa sales tax permit, or proof of an applicable sales tax exemption.
Parks and Recreation Department
Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application
Last Updated 11.8.19
Certification(s) required by all applicable local, state or federal fire, safety, and /or hazardous
guidelines related to the sale of food, and preparation, storage or cooking process.
Description of the locations the applicant anticipates selling from (e.g., park area, parking lot
location, street address, etc.).
Written consent from property owners, permanent for establishment owners or any other written
consent required under City Ordinance No. 6402.
Proof of general liability insurance, including products liability coverage, in the amount of
$1,000,000 or more per occurrence and $1,000,000 for property damage.
$100.00 due at time of application submission.
$100.00 an additional one-hundred dollars shall be paid by a mobile food vendor who will be
primarily doing business within boundaries of any C4 Business District. Refer to City zoning map to
determine location(s) of C4 Business District
Office Use only
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Date of Review:
Approved: Yes No Date