Per California legislation, a citizen dissatisfied with the results of an issuing agency’s Initial Review of
a parking citation appeal may bring the citation before a neutral examiner for either a personal
conference or a determination by mail. This administrative hearing must be requested, and all
penalties and fees deposited, within 21 days of the date that the Initial Review results are mailed to
you. Failure to timely comply with this requirement will result in the waiver of your right to further
review of the citation.
Instructions to request a Parking Citation Administrative Hearing:
1. Complete the form on the reverse side.
2. Return this form within 21 days of the Initial Review response with your citation payment to:
City of Encinitas/ Parking Citation Review
505 S. Vulcan Ave.
Encinitas, CA 92024
Hearing Options-
1. Review by Personal Conference: Hearings are generally held in the afternoon one Tuesday
per month. You will be notified of your hearing time and date after your Administrative Hearing
Request form is processed. Hearings are held at the City of Encinitas, with a neutral hearing
examiner. Such conferences will be conducted informally but with respectful decorum. Please
bring any supporting evidence that you have not previously submitted. Failure to appear for a
scheduled personal conference will result in forfeiture (loss) of your payment.
2. Determination by Mail: If you are seeking a determination by mail, you must submit a written
declaration setting forth the reason(s) for contesting this citation. Attach supporting evidence to
this form. A declaration sheet has been provided on the reverse side for your convenience.
Fees: The citation penalty amount is due with this form. The penalty will be fully refunded if the
examiner dismisses the citation.
Results: The examiner’s determination will be mailed to you within 10 days of the hearing date.
Overturned Citations- Your citation penalty will be refunded to you in approximately two weeks.
Valid Citations- Your citation deposit will be held as payment. If the hearing examiner upholds
your citation and you are still not satisfied with the results, you have the option to take your appeal
to the civil division of the San Diego Superior Court, North County division. Instructions and a
request form for this option will be included with your hearing results.
For questions or further information:
Contact the City of Encinitas Code Enforcement Division at (760) 633-2685.
City of Encinitas
Parking Citation Administrative Hearing Request Form
This request is for an Administrative Hearing by (check one):
Personal Conference
Determination by Mail (attach a written declaration or complete the bottom half of this form)
_______________________________ _________________________________
Name Citation Number
_______________________________ _________________________________
Address Phone Number
_______________________________ _________________________________
City, State, Zip Email Address
ENCLOSE CITATION PAYMENT with this request. Make your check payable to the City of
Encinitas. Requests received without payment will be returned as incomplete and may miss the 21
day filing requirement.
Supporting Declaration (for determination by mail only; attach additional sheets and/ or evidence
as needed):
Signature _______________________________________ Date _________________________
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