PO BOX 850, FISH CREEK, WI 54212
Name of Group/Individual_ Date of Use_
Check One: ____ Sunset Beach Park ____ Clark Park ____ Fish Creek Beach ____ Fish Creek Park
____ Fire Station Meeting Room ____ Town Hall
Arrival Time: ______________
Departure Time: _____________
Size of Group Limit of 135 people in Town Hall
Person Making Reservation and Accepting Responsibility
Local Telephone Number, day of
Town Hall/ Park Fee Schedule:
$ 00.00 Non Profit Community Organization (Town of Gibraltar)
$ 50.00 Non Profit Non-Community
$ 50.00 Resident
$100.00 Non-Resident
Fire Station Fee Schedule:
$ 00.00 Non Profit Youth Organizations
$ 10.00 All Non Profit Organizations
$ 50.00 Resident
$100.00 Non-Resident
If cancellation is received less than 15 days before the event, there will be a $75 charge.
Funds are deposited upon receipt. No credit card payments.
All fees are on a per use basis. The Gibraltar Town Board reserves the right to
Determine fee schedule
status of any/all organizations/individuals.
It is understood that any group using the Hall/Park will leave it in as good a condition as it was found. We further
agree to be responsible for paying any extra cleaning/maintenance from our deposit that may be necessary after use
of the Hall/Park by our group. All clean up is your responsibility and the deposit is not the limit of your
liability. The Town Office will refund deposit upon approval. Any accidents or problems are to be reported
immediately to Patrick Stranz at 421-2139, John Fairchild at 495-0787 or Beth Hagen at
868-1714. Future use of
the Hall/Park may be prohibited to any group who does not observe the enclosed
Please contact the Town Office at 920-868-1714 to make arrangements for the pickup/return of the Town Hall Key.
No Personal Gain Events
Reserved use of Park does not preclude use of Park by the General Public.
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The Town of Gibraltar for the safe and efficient use of the Town Hall adopts the following rules:
1. Decorations: Hooks are provided at the side window casements to attach decorations. Tape,
nails, thumb tacks, etc., are not to be used on the walls, woodworks, or any light fixtures. You may
use string to tie streamers to light fixtures. Remove all decorations before you leave the Hall.
Bring a ladder if needed.
2. Window Shades: Please handle with care.
3. Furnishings: No chairs or tables are to be removed from the premises. Please wipe off tables
and chairs and carefully put chairs in racks before you leave. If chairs are needed for outside use,
there are 70 older chairs in the rear storage room. Contact the Gibraltar Town Office at 868-1714,
for a key to the storage room. Tables may be used outside. Wipe top and bottom of the legs before
storing in the Hall.
4. Kitchen: The water heater is in the room to the left of the stage. Turn it on if needed; turn off
before leaving. No silver, china, coffee pots, trays, etc., are to be removed from the premises.
Please wash, dry and put items in their proper places. Leave used dishtowels on the counter.
Please do not leave any perishable items in the refrigerator. Bring your own garbage bags and
leave in the kitchen. Separate aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles; take them along for
5. Floor Care: Hall floor is specially treated. You will find a broom, dustpan and dry dust mop in
the kitchen. No soap, water, oils or waxes of any kind can be used on the Hall floor. Kitchen
floor may be wiped or mapped with water.
6. Please control children, especially around the stage lights and curtains.
7. Pick up all litter outside the building. Grills may be used OUTSIDE of the Town Hall and
should be put away when cooled.
8. Thermostat: Set at 70 degrees when in the Hall and turn down to 60 when leaving the Hall.
Ceiling fan switch is in the kitchen to the left of the outside door.
9. Lights: The switches are located near the front door, please turn on when entering and off when
10. Keys: The keys are to be picked up at the Gibraltar Town Office, 4097 Main Street, Fish
Creek and are to be returned to the same location between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Make sure doors and
windows are closed when you leave.
We hope you enjoy our Town Hall and appreciate your cooperation.
Gibraltar Town Board