Parents’ Weekend Fundraising Approval Processes for the Information Fair
Parents’ Weekend will be here before we know it and we look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Parents’
Weekend Information Fair held in the Arnold Hall Ballroom on Friday, August 31, from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
(tentative). If some of the information changes I will send out updates to parents’ clubs and post on this site.
If your organization is interested in participating in the Information Fair please complete the attachments and
return via email to
For Parents’ Clubs to sell merchandise at the fair, the Fundraiser Approval Process requires (1) a full
description and (2) a photograph of each item that you would like to sell and (3) a certification statement that
any USAFA-related imagery (shields, crest, logos, etc.) that your organization has created/commissioned has
been approved from the USAFA/CM Branding Office. Email approval is fine. You can send logo approval
requests to Andrew Hamilton at, (719) 333-2299, 2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 3100,
USAF Academy CO 80840. Mr. Hamilton will route the approval accordingly.
For Headquarters Air Force logo use, contact the Air Force Branding and Trademark Licensing Office at:
Air Force Public Affairs Agency (Licensing)
555 E Street East
Suite 3, Room 113
JBSA-Randolph, TX 78150
Commercial: (210) 652-6058
DSN: 665-6058
More information will be provided in the summer for submitting Fundraising Approval Requests from the
USAFA Parent Liaison with a suspense date. The USAFA Parent Liaison will route the package through the
10th Air Base Wing Commander for approval of all requests.
Please note that Arnold Hall personnel will not be able to escort any guests into the cadet area.
The Visitor Gate hours are tentatively, Thursday from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. and Friday from 6:30 a.m.-10:00
pm. You may park in the Upper Harmon Hall Parking area. Parking is very limited (only 100 spaces.) This is
the closest parking area to Arnold Hall that you are permitted to park. You will get a parking pass sent to you
for your car.
You may set up your area in Arnold Hall on Thursday, August 30 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. or Friday,
August 31 from 6:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. No participants will be permitted to access the Arnold Hall patio to off-
load items; however, Arnold Hall will have a limited number of carts available for use to carry items into the
building from the West Harmon Parking Lot. We encourage you to bring carts for your items.
If your organization is approved to fundraise at the Information Fair, each participant will be provided (1) 30”
x 60” table and (2) folding chairs. Participants must provide their own electrical cords, table cloths/coverings,
signage, and display easels.
The Information Fair ends at 4:00 p.m. (pending SUPT approval for ending time). As a courtesy to our
guests, all participants may not tear down until after 4:00 p.m.
All participants must complete the attached Fundraiser Approval Request Letter. If you are not fundraising,
please annotate it on the letter. The letter will serve as your reservation form.
Participation is first come, first to get a table. Arnold Hall is only able to accept the first 15 approved
parents’ clubs so the sooner you get the paperwork to me the better.
Please complete the (2) attached documents and return with pictures (as applicable) to: If you have any questions on the requirements to fundraise, please feel free
to call the USAFA Parent Liaison at 1-877-268-3383 or (719) 333-3828. If you have questions for setting up
your booth or display, contact Bernadette Borders at Arnold Hall, (719) 333-2711. Business hours are Monday
through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
FROM: _______________________________________
SUBJECT: Fundraiser Approval Request – Parents’ Club, Parents’ Weekend Information Fair
1. PURPOSE: Request approval for _______________________________________ to conduct a fundraiser
for the purposes of funding Parents’ Weekend Information Fair in the Arnold Hall Ballroom Sep. 1, 2018.
2. BACKGROUND: IAW USAFAI 51-902, para 2.1, Fundraising and On-Base Solicitation, the 10 ABW
Commander has delegated authority to the 10FSS Director to approve fundraisers at any time other than
during Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) or the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF)
3. DISCUSSION: The _______________________________________ would like to sell/conduct a fund
raising table at the Parents’ Weekend Information Fair. We realize that this could not be done in conjunction
with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) or the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) campaign. We also
understand we cannot conduct more than two (2) fund raisers per quarter.
This is our _________ fund raiser this quarter.
5. RECOMMENDATION: 10 FSS/CL approve this request, notify the action officer,
and _______________________________________ will be allowed to post flyers.
name, rank, position i.e.: president _______________________________________________
private organization / unofficial organization _______________________________________
Instructions: This Request for Approval to Conduct a Fundraising Event on the United States Air Force
Academy is subject to the approval of the 10
Air Base Wing (or, as delegated to the Force Support Squadron
Commander (10 FSS)). Completed form must be sent with cover letter request to 10 FSS. You may not
advertise or begin your fundraising event until you have written approval. If approved, please have a signed
copy of this request at the fundraising event. Even after written approval is granted, any violation of the Joint
Ethics Regulation (DoD 5500-7-R) and relevant Air Force Instructions (to include but not limited to USAFAI
51-902, AFI 36-3101, & AFI 34-223) covering these matters may result in that approval being rescinded, or
other action being taken.
Number of fundraisers
organization has had
(except 10 MDG)
(per quarter)
1. State when, where, and at what time the event is planned for: Parents’ Weekend Information Fair, Sep. 1
from 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
2. What type of event are you planning? Selling products, handing out information about the Parents’ Club
or taking in donations from a table at the Parents’ Weekend Information Fair. Describe what the
personnel working the event will be doing. Describe the personnel who are conducting the fundraiser
(e.g. Ad, Civ, Cadets, etc.) Parents of Cadets
3. How will the proceeds of this fundraiser be used?
4. Approximately how many volunteers will work the event?
5. How will you promote or advertise your proposed event? NO
6. Are any other organizations other than yours, including any on-base or off-base entities, planning or
conducting this event, or receiving any proceeds raised. If yes, please provide the name(s) of th(os)e
organization(s). NO. ONLY Parents’ Clubs no other parties will be allowed.
7. Will prizes be awarded at the event? NO
8. Do you intend to sell or serve alcohol? NO
9. Do you intend to sell food? NO
10. Will the event involve soliciting on base? Yes at the Parents’ Weekend Information Fair off base? No
III. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS (initial that you have read and understand these requirements for fundraising on USAFA):
Check Items
Specific Requirements:
Organizations may conduct a maximum of 2 fundraisers per calendar year except for 10 MDG (2 per quarter).
The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) prohibits the wear of military uniforms while conducting fundraisers.
(This includes all cadets requirements to wear uniform must be waived by appropriate authority.)
Organizations may not represent or imply to any customers that the fundraiser is affiliated with the USAF or any unit at
USAFA. Must include the following Disclaimer on all media of the event: This is a Private Organization. It is not a
part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.
Personnel who volunteer to work on fundraisers must not be on official duty time. Personnel must be on leave, lunch,
compensatory time off, or on a regularly scheduled break.
Fundraising must be conducted away from the workplace. Away from the workplace may include building lobbies, Arnold Hall
(Parent’s Weekend only) in front of the Base Exchange, or in areas where people generally are not working.
It must be made clear to the general public that the fundraising is being conducted through the Private
(PO) or unofficial activity/organization and not by a military unit or a military member in his or her official capacity.
An individual may use his/her rank and branch of service when signing correspondence
but may not use his/her
military title or position.
Off-base solicitations are permissible but must clearly indicate that they are for a PO or unofficial
activity/organization and not
USAFA, any USAFA agency/unit/squadron, the USAF, or the DoD. Members
participating in the fundraiser may not solicit or
coerce junior ranking members to participate.
Donor/gift recognition may not be made publicly. However, recognition for contributions may be made to
members of the
PO/unofficial activity/organization.
If the fundraising event involves the sale of food, personnel must obtain a temporary food handler’s permit through
10 FSS Public Health.
Organizations may not serve or sell alcoholic beverages without prior approval.
Fundraising organizations are prohibited from conducting raffles or games of chance.
POs SHALL NOT use the seals, logos, or insignia of the DoD or any DoD Component, DoD organizational unit, or DoD
installation on organization letterhead, correspondence, titles, or in association with organization programs, locations, or activities
without appropriate permission. This includes the use of the installation name in any form and Cadet Squadron/ Club logos. (i.e.,
USAFA, Cadet Squadron names, etc.) as indicated below.
Personnel who volunteer to work on fundraisers must be informed that they are acting in their individualnot official—capacity,
and that they may be held personally liable for any or all damage to persons or property
caused by their negligence during this
fundraiser. The DoD, the USAF, and USAFA assume no liability for
personal injury, death, or property damage arising from this
Fundraiser is not being conducted during the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) or the Air Force Assistance Fund.
If it is conducted during these fundraisers, approval by the 10 ABW/CC is required.
If this Request for Approval to Conduct a Fundraising Event is approved, I agree to indemnify and hold the United States of
America harmless from and against any and all claims, loss, injury and liability, arising out of or in any way connected with
he use
of the approved facility(ies), whether or not caused or contributed to by any negligence or alleged negligence on the part of any
employee of the United States or member of the United States Armed Forces.
Air Force logos must be approved by the Air Force Branding & Trademark Licensing Office,, Mailing address: Air Force Public Affairs Agency, 555 E. Street East, Suite 3, Room 113,
JBSA-Randolph, TX 78150 Commercial: (210) 652-6058, DSN: 665-6058 email:
All USAFA Logo or Photo use requests must be coordinated and approved through the USAFA Branding Office,
Mr. Andrew Hamilton, USAFA/CM,, (719) 333-2299, 2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 3100, USAF
Academy CO 80840. Mr. Hamilton will forward to appropriate USAFA point of contact as required.
V. CERTIFICATION: By initialing and signing below, I certify that I have read and understand the following guidelines, as
provided by the relevant
authorities that govern fundraising within the Air Force (see, e.g., AFI 36-3101, AFI 34-223, DoD
5500.7-R. Please note that
depending upon the specific facts and circumstances of your event, additional guidelines, not listed
here, may apply to your event.):
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