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Parent PLUS Loan Adjustment Request 2020-2021
Student Name: _____________________ _________________ Student ID #__________________
(Print or type) Last name First name
To protect the Parent PLUS Loan Borrower, any adjustments to the PLUS loan amounts or loan period must be
submitted in writing directly from the parent. Please note that once loan funds have disbursed, other procedures exist
for canceling or reducing loan amounts.
Parent PLUS Loans are originally awarded based on the electronic loan application information, the student's Cost of
Attendance, and existing financial aid.
What type of Parent PLUS Loan adjustment are you requesting? (Check all that apply)
Reduction to the Amount: New loan amount should be: $______________________
Increase the Amount:
Additional amount to be added to the existing loan: $______________________
Award the maximum amount available
Switch Time Frame: Loan should be for:
Both Fall & Spring 2020-2021
Fall 2020 Only
1 Only
Summer 2
021 Only
Cancel the entire PLUS Loan:
No Longer Seeking an Endorser (co-signer) for the Parent PLUS Loan
Comments/Clarification of Request:
I certify that I am the individual who applied for a Parent PLUS Loan, and I now ask that the above changes
be made.
Student’s Signature:
______________________________ Date: ___________________
Parent PLUS Borrowers Signature: _____________________________ Date: ___________________
Parent Phone: __________________