Parent Notice Accommodations Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services
September 2011 Florida Department of Education
Parent Notice and Consent for Student to Receive Instructional
Accommodations, Not Permitted on Statewide Assessment
District:_________________________________ School:_______________________
Student Name:___________________________ Student #:____________________
Accommodations are defined as adjustments to the presentation of the assessment questions,
methods of recording examinee responses to the questions, scheduling for the administration of
the assessment, settings for the administration of the assessment or use of assistive devices to
facilitate the student’s participation in the assessment. Statewide assessment accommodations
may be used only if they do not alter the underlying content that is being measured by the
assessment or negatively affect the assessment’s reliability or validity. Allowable statewide
assessment accommodations are based on current instructional accommodations.
District personnel are required to implement the approved accommodations in a manner that
ensures the test responses are the independent work of the student. Personnel are prohibited from
assisting a student in determining how the student will respond or directing or leading the student to
a particular response. In no case shall the accommodations authorized herein be interpreted or
construed as an authorization to provide a student with assistance in determining the answer to any
test item.
The IEP committee has determined that the following accommodations, which are listed on your
child’s IEP, will not be permitted as an accommodation in statewide assessment.
Do you consent for the accommodation(s) listed above to be provided in instruction but which are
not allowable in statewide assessment?
Yes, I give my written consent, and in doing so, my signature means that I fully understand the
implication of the accommodation.
No, I do not give my consent.
I request a conference before granting consent.
Parent Signature_________________________________ Date of Signature:____________
*For further information please contact the ESE Supervisor or school counselor.
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