Arkansas Community Colleges
2017 Academic All-Star
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Application (to be completed by the student)
(Please print your name as you would like it to appear in the conference program.)
Mailing Address____________________________________________________________________
City State Zip Code
Daytime Phone Date of Birth_________________________________
Name of College: SEARK College
What is your college major / course of study? (You may indicate more than one.)
Which degree(s) do you expect to receive?
Associate of Arts Associate of Science Associate of Applied Science
What is your cumulative GPA?
How many credit hours do you expect to complete by June 1, 2019? ____________________________
On what date do you expect to graduate from SEARK?
After graduating from SEARK, do you plan to attend a four-year institution? Yes No
(If yes, name institution and term you plan to enroll.)
(If yes, what is your ultimate degree objective?)
Baccalaureate Master Doctoral
Describe your long-range goals and career ambitions.
Arkansas Community Colleges
Academic All-Star
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List academic awards and participation in academic enrichment programs (such as academic study or
internships) and honors organizations/programs while at SEARK. Include the type of program and the dates
of participation.
Describe service to your college and community (such as leadership roles, volunteer work and other
church/community involvement).
1) Complete an essay describing your most meaningful educational experience while attending your two-
year college. Essay must be 500 words or less, double-spaced and 12-point font. Attach the essay to this
application and submit per your college’s instructions.
2) Select two (2) officials (professor, counselor, or other) from SEARK to write letters of recommendation on
your behalf. Provide to them a copy of your completed application, essay, and the corresponding
Recommendation Form. Note that one form addresses leadership abilities, and one addresses college and
community service. Submit the Recommendation Forms and letters per your college’s instructions.
Release of Information
I hereby authorize the Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC) to use the information provided in my application,
essay, and letters of recommendation in any media release associated with the program.
Applicant’s Signature Date
Application deadline is April 30