Union Pack & Ship
Union 213
University of Central Missouri
Your Printed Name: ___________________________________ Date: ____________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: (______) _______________________
Email address: ________________________________
700 #: __________________
Ship To:
City:_________________________________ State:____________ Zip Code:__________
(UPS cannot ship to P.O. Address’s)
(There will be a $12.50 charge for any UPS address corrections or returns)
Contents of Package: ________________________________________________
Amount of Insurance:_______________________(This is optional)
Sender’s Signature____________________________
I certify that the above information is correct and accurate
and I have read the terms and conditions below.
UPS Terms and Conditions: You are responsible for all fees and or fines for returned
packages or address corrections.
University of Central Missouri/Union Pack & Ship does not assume liability for lost or damaged
parcels. In the event a parcel is lost or damaged, you must submit a claim to “Union Pack & Ship
located in the UCM Elliott Union with your shipping order, as well as proof of the actual value of the
contents within 30 days of the shipment date. The filing of claims does not in any way make
UCM/Union Pack & Ship responsible for the contents or its value. Union Pack & Ship reserves the right
to inspect all packages before shipment.
USPS packages only: I understand that it will be up to me to contact USPS concerning any issues
arising from late or missing packages and that it is up to me to fulfill the conditions for filing a claim
through the United States Postal Service.
Signature: ____________________________
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