Valley Now! and GenerationGo!
Concurrent Enrollment Application
Note: These temporary processes have been developed in response to the COVID - 19 pandemic and are likely to change as the situation
evolves. Edit 4/16/20
Dear Student,
Thank you for choosing San Bernardino Valley College
(SBVC) to enhance your high-school education. Enrolling
in the Valley Now! and/or GenerationGo! Programs is a great way to get a head start on college!
The SBVC application and enrollment process can be a little confusing, so we have included a step-by-step
checklist to help you successfully enroll in the course(s) you are interested in!
Steps for High School Students to Enroll in a San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) Class:
Create an account- Keep a copy of your password somewhere
Apply to SBVC online through
Wait for SBVC student ID number email - please keep this ID number handy
Complete the entire Concurrent Enrollment packet by electronically entering your information into the
PDF and saving it.
High School Concurrent Enrollment Petition - all students must complete
Confidential Youth Emergency Card - all students who are below 18 at the time of packet
submission must complete
Release of Information - all students must complete
Media Release Form - only GenerationGo! students must complete
Program Acknowledgement Form - only GenerationGo! students must complete
Submit your program Concurrent Enrollment packet to your respective high school site contact
Start using your SBVC student email
. An account is automatically generated for you when you apply to
SBVC. This is the way that SBVC faculty and staff communicate with students. NOTE: It is essential that
you check your student email regularly for notifications and other important information and updates.
Log into your WebAdvisor account – this is where your student records are stored
Set up your WebAdvisor password & enter your username exactly how it appears on the screen
Please write down your temporary password. You will be asked to enter it multiple times. Do
not copy and paste it. Make sure to keep a copy of your final password somewhere safe
Complete SBVC’s online orientation located on WebAdvisor - Be sure to keep a copy of your certificate
of completion to provide to the assessment office!
Complete SBVC’s assessment (currently located WebAdvisor)
Register for your approved course(s) using WebAdvisor - Check your registration statement on
WebAdvisor to ensure that you have registered for the correct course(s)
If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us for help. We look forward to enriching
your education and helping you along the path to success!
SBVC’s Valley Now! And GenerationGo! Team
Contact Information
Office Phone: (909) 384-4467
Valley Now! Program
GenerationGo! Program