PY 2019-2020
All required attachments must be submitted to the Department of Community and Human Development (DCHD) office
by 5pm on Monday, October 22, 2018. This checklist is to be used with the funding application submitted to DCHD.
Applications not submitted according to guidelines and/or omit any of the required documents may be reject as
Agency Name:
Project Title:
_____ Abstract completed
_____ Proposal questions (question 1-9) and narrative (9 page or less) completed
_____ Budget pages (Income Summary, Expense Summary etc., SO,ES,HP,RRH,HMIS and Summary)
_____ Job Descriptions with Qualifications for positions requested for funding
_____ Partner Supplements for all partners (if applicable)
_____ General Completeness Checklist w/ required attachments
(Refer to 45
Year Policies and Procedures document)
Three versions of the application must be provided:
1. Full, comprehensive application. Must be submitted as a hard copy and electronic copy;
includes all r
equired attachments with completed checklist as cover.
2. Steering Committee Précis. Must be submitted as a hard copy; includes Income Summary,
Expense Summary, Street Outreach, Emergency Shelter, Homelessness Prevention, Rapid
Rehousing, HMIS budgets and Project Summary from your proposal.
3. Reviewer’s Copy. M
ust be submitted as an electronic; includes one Abstract, one Introduction
page, Proposal Narrative, budget pages, if partnering, include Partner Supplement, Partners &
Consultants Budget,
& Site Breakdown for Multi-site pages.
The original application may be bound in any fashion you choose. The Abstract should be the cover
sheet for the reviewer’s copy, which should have a binder clip or paper clip and no other type of
All electronic applications and files should be sent to If you have any
questions about completing any ot
her part of the application, please contact Connie Jimenez 212-1653.
A supplementary training will be held by written RSVP only to work with those in need of additional
instruction. If you wish to attend, please contact Connie Jimenez.
(Instructions do not need to be submitted with ESG Completeness
Read and follow all directions on the individual pages. Make sure your packet is complete,
and contains only the required documents. Do not include letters of support or other
extraneous materials.
The City regards your proposal in part as a test of management capacity. Applications that
are well written using correct grammar and spelling and containing no math errors reflect
well on the management of your organization.
Pages should be in order align with Table of Contents.
We advise having someone other than the grant writer complete the checklist to verify the
packet is complete.
Abstract must be signed by someone who is legally authorized to sign documents on behalf
of the organization.
Legal Name should be organization’s full name as it appears on the Articles of Incorporation,
and should include “Inc.” or any other words.
In the narrative portion, provide a clear, comprehensive description for your proposed
project. The proposal narrative may be no more than nine single-sided pages in length. Text
must be single spaced, in Times New Roman font 12 points, with a one inch margin on all
four sides.
Include section headings such as:
Problem Statement
Avoid acronyms or technical jargon as much as possible. When it is necessary to use such
terms, explain them. Check your grammar and spelling.
Make sure to follow the directions on the Outcome Statement Worksheet to develop your
formal Outcome Statement. Use HUD’s wording as instructed.
Use MS Excel version for the budget forms. The budget forms are not subject to the same
font and margin rules as the narrative. Use whole numbers in figuring your budgets. Do not
forget to complete the Multi-Site page (mark it as N/A if your project has only one site).
Check your arithmetic.
Make sure to submit a Partner Supplement for every Partner performing services under the
contract that is projected to receive $5,000 or more in DCHD funding.
Make sure to submit an ADA Self-Evaluation form for every site (aka physical location)
where the project will be held, as well as your administrative office. If you have questions
about the ADA forms, please contact the City’s Accessibility Coordinator.