Please save this file & upload as a PDF file using the naming covention:
Please include:
1. An executive summary of the project:
2. A description of the location (City(s), County(s), etc.), proposed service areas, parners
involved and anticipated improvements.
Kansas Department of Commerce
rev. 12.7.2020
Kansas Department of Commerce
rev. 12.7.2020
3. Goals of the project and community need to address including whether the proposed area is
unserved or economically distressed or what the compelling need is, if served.
4. The proposed infrastruture and access improvements planned, including the number of
proposed connected premisees and community anchor institutions, businesses, or other
organizations and the recipients to be served by the project.
rev. 12.7.2020
5. The short and long-term investment benefit to the community and service area proposed.