Please complete and tick boxes as appropriate. If there is insufficient space to provide answers to the proposal form questions, please
use the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section at the end of the form.
In this proposal we use the term ‘Principal’ to mean any sole principal, partner, director or member of a Limited Liability Partnership.
Reference to ‘Proposer’ ‘You’ or ‘Your’ in this proposal shall include all names included under question 1 who will be the Insured in the
insurance policy.
Please ensure that all relevant sections of the Proposal are completed.
1. a. Name under which business is conducted: (‘You’)
b. Are you ‘Regulated by RICS’?
Yes No
2. Addresses of all of your offices & percentage of total fees in each
Postcode: Website: www.
3. Date commenced
4. Give full details of activities you undertake and of any intended change in these
5. a. During the past 6 years, has the name declared in question 1.a. been changed or has any amalgamation,
or take-over taken place or have any of your principals ceased working for you?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’, give details
b. Give details below of any predecessor firms for which you require cover. Please include any claims experience for the
predecessor firms within question 31a and state below if the predecessor firm was “Regulated by RICS”.
c. Give details below of any of your offices that have closed in the last 6 years. Please supply the address, principal in charge
and reason for closure.
6. Give details below of all Principals (including details of sole principal)
Full name Age Qualifications Date qualified
Numbers of years in this capacity
with the Proposer
7. Give details below of previous business experience, as appropriate, or attach curricula vitae
Newly established business / practice – complete for all Principals
Existing business / practice – complete for each Principal who has held such position with you for less than 5 years
Name of Principal
Period engaged in
previous occupation
Name of firm/
Profession or
Position Held
8. Where you are a sole principal, give details of the arrangements for ofce supervision when you are absent
9. State number of other permanent staff
a. qualified b. all others
i. full-time
ii. part-time i. full-time
ii. part-time
10. Have you any other Professional Indemnity insurance in force?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’, state
a. name of insurer
b. renewal date
11. Please indicate Limit of Indemnity required
£500,000 £1,000,000 Other
(please specify)
12. Is cover required for Principals’ Previous Business with another firm in respect of any
principal named in 6?
Yes No
If “Yes” please supply details including: name of principal, name of previous firm, period as a principal, profession of firm,
activities performed and fee income of the principal’s previous firm
13. a. State gross fees (including those paid to sub-contractors) payable by clients for work undertaken
Last year Previous year Forthcoming year (estimated)
a. in the UK (excluding c. and e. below) £ £ £
b. in the USA, its territories and possessions and Canada £ £ £
c. in the UK and elsewhere (excluding USA and Canada)
for clients domiciled in the USA, its territories and
possessions or Canada, including work for USA
companies, subsidiaries of USA companies or USA
subsidiaries of companies based elsewhere
£ £ £
d. Elsewhere* (excluding USA and Canada) £ £ £
e. In the UK for clients domiciled elsewhere*
(excluding USA and Canada)
£ £ £
Total of a. b. c. d. and e. above £ £ £
* State countries, amounts involved
b. Are you represented in any way in the USA or its territories and possessions, or Canada?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’, give details
Last year Previous year Forthcoming year (estimated)
State largest fee earned from any client £ £ £
15. State gross fees paid to subcontractors
Last year Forthcoming year (estimated)
£ £
16. i. State the approximate percentage of last year’s gross fees and of the fees you estimate for the forthcoming year
(including those paid to sub-contractors) payable in respect of
Last year
a. quantity surveying (excluding project co-ordination/management) % %
b. estate agency i. residential
ii. commercial
iii. development agency
iv. property investment
% %
% %
% %
% %
c. auctioneering. Please specify type of work: % %
d. financial services i. general insurance intermediary
ii. mortgage broking
iii. building society agency
iv. pensions and investments
v. other (please specify) _______________________________
% %
% %
% %
% %
% %
e. town planning: % %
f. council tax rating % %
g. property management
i. residential property management (excluding lettings and rent reviews)
ii. residential lettings
iii. residential rent reviews
commercial property management (excluding rent reviews and asset management)
v. commercial rent reviews
vi. commercial asset management***
% %
% %
% %
% %
% %
% %
h. leasehold enfranchisement % %
i. land surveying i. hydrographic surveying
ii. mineral surveying
iii. setting out
iv. all other (please specify) _____________________________
% %
% %
% %
% %
j. project co-ordination* % %
k. project management* % %
l. Clerk of Works (please provide a description of services provided in 17c) % %
m. Employers Agent (please provide a description of services provided in 17c) % %
n. CDM Regulations role of “Principal Designer” formerly CDM co-ordinator
% %
o. agricultural consulting i. forestry
ii. crop/fertiliser
iii. financial
iv. single farm payments or similar payments/subsidies
v. other (please specify) _______________________________
% %
% %
% %
% %
% %
p. architectural design & planning work % %
q. energy assessments i. residential
ii. commercial
% %
% %
r. asbestos inspections (separate questionnaire will be required) % %
s. party walls, schedules of dilapidation, specification & supervision of repairs, redecoration & refurbishment
% %
t. surveying and valuing i. residential**
(not specified elsewhere above)
ii. commercial**
% %
% %
u. External Wall Fire i. Option A where external wall materials are unlikely to support
Review Form EWS1 combustion
ii. Option B where combustible materials are present in external wall
% %
% %
v. all other work (please give details in 17c below)
% %
100 % 100 %
* Declare fees under Project Management where you are responsible for appointing other consultants or contractors in
connection with the project works and declare under Project Co-ordination where your principal makes such appointments.
**residential / commercial refers to the end use / purpose of the property being inspected or valued.
*** commercial asset managers ensure the best investment or return on a portfolio of properties including the disposal or
acquisition of properties.
ii. Please state the surveying and valuing fees (as requested in 16i t.) and total gross fees (for all work) for the 5 year period
prior to last year
2nd year back 3rd year back 4th year back 5th year back 6th year back
Surveying and valuing - residential £ £ £ £ £
Surveying and valuing - commercial £ £ £ £ £
Total gross fees for all work £ £ £ £ £
17. a. If fees are received in connection with Quantity Surveying, Project Co-ordination, Project Management, Architectural
Design and Planning work, give details in the box below of your five largest contracts undertaken during the last three years
Start and completion
Total contract value Fee Type of Contract
Professional Service
b. If fees are received in connection with General Insurance Intermediary, indicate FCA status, i.e. FCA authorised, Appointed
Representative, Introducer Appointed Representative or other (explain below)
c. If fees are declared under 16i l(Clerk of Works), m(Employers Agent) & u(other work), give details of the type of work
undertaken in the box below
d. If fees are declared under 16i n. (CDM Regulations role of “Principal Designer” formerly CDM co-ordinator), give details
how those in the principal designer role are informed of the duties and responsibilities under The Construction (Design and
Management) Regulations 2015 and their training/ qualifications to perform the Principal Designer role
18. Please provide an approximate split of the geographical spread of your work in the following categories
Central London &
Remainder of London and
South East England
Property Management % % %
Surveying and Valuing % % %
Please complete questions 19 to 24 where you carry out surveying and valuing activities
Where the space below is insufficient please provide responses on page 15
19. a. Work Radius
Mile radius from ofce Percentage of Surveys / Valuations
0-25 mile radius of office: %
25-50 mile radius %
50+ mile radius: %
b. If you regularly take on work outside your immediate geographical area, especially outside a 25-mile radius of your
office(s), what extra controls are in place to ensure sufficient knowledge of local values or other factors that may affect
the value/condition of the property in question?
20. Type of work undertaken
a. Please provide a split for the last year of Surveying and Valuing fees declared under 16i.t. together with the number of
reports between the following:
Residential Commercial
Fees No. of reports Fees No. of reports
1. Valuation for lending purposes(excluding 2, 5, 6 and 8 below) % %
2. Valuation relying upon a valid EWS1 form (or as revised) % %
3. RICS Homebuyer Report or equivalent – with lending valuation
% %
4. RICS Homebuyer Report or equivalent – with non lending valuation
% %
5. RICS Homebuyer Report or equivalent – with no valuation
% %
6. Further Advance valuations – for existing lender
% %
7. Re-mortgage valuations – for existing lender
% %
8. Asset Valuations for balance sheet purposes or probate/divorce valuations
% %
9. Building Surveys (Structural) – with lending valuation
% %
10. Building Surveys (Structural) – with non lending valuation
% %
11. Building Surveys (Structural) – with no valuation
% %
12. For property investment funds
% %
13. Home Condition Report
% %
14. Other (please provide details below)
% %
b. Have you undertaken any valuation work in respect of:
i) Buy-to-let Properties
ii) Property Clubs
iii) New build or conversions for Developers
iv) Sub-prime products
during the last 12 months?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’, please provide details in the table on page 7
during the previous 5 years?
Yes No
If Yes’, and the average annual numbers and details differ substantially from those given on page 7
(or none undertaken in the last 12 months), please provide details on page 15.
Valuations in respect of
of Total
Valuation Fee
No. of
Brief description of properties
Name of lender/s
i. Buy-to-let Properties %
ii. On behalf of Property Clubs %
iii. New build or conversions
for Developers
iv. Sub-prime products %
c. Number of valuations for self certified mortgages in the last 6 years:
21. Valuations for lending purposes
a. Please give details of the five largest residential valuations undertaken in the last 5 years
Type / location of property Year of Report
Value of
Description of work Name of lender
b. Average value of residential valuations undertaken in the last 5 years:
c. Please give details of the five largest commercial valuations undertaken in the last 5 years
Type / location of property Year of Report
Value of
Description of work Name of lender
d. Average value of commercial valuations undertaken in the last 5 years:
e. Please provide details of the lenders for whom you have undertaken valuation work during the last 3 years and state the fee
income for the last year
Name of Lender Fee Income £ Name of Lender Fee Income £
f. Have you been removed from or refused admission to any lenders’ panels?
Yes No
If Yes’ please provide details below:
g. Please provide details on the type of comparable evidence you obtain for each of the listed items i. to vii. below:
i. Type (estate agent sold values, estate agent for sale values, land registry values, etc)
ii. Number held per property
iii. How long evidence is retained?
iv. Who in your practice obtains comparables (valuer, valuers’ assistant, secretary, administrator, etc)?
v. Who decides on the final comparables to be used (valuer, valuers’ assistant, secretary, administrator, etc)?
vi. How long has this system been in place? Please provide details of any different previous practice
vii. Note of any internal or external databases used
h. When undertaking re-mortgage or further advance valuations in what percentage of cases do you:
Re-inspect the property? %
Undertake drive-by valuations? %
Undertake desk-top valuations? %
i. How do you control your increased risk exposure resulting from drive-by or desk-top valuations and in what circumstances
do you undertake them?
22. Workload and quality
a. What is the average number of surveys undertaken per fee
earner per week for:
i. Lender Valuations
ii. Homebuyers Reports
iii. Home Condition Reports
iv. Building Surveys
v. EWS1 Form (or as revised) Option A
vi. EWS1 Form (or as revised) Option B
vii. Other
viii. Average total of surveys per fee earner per week
b. Do you and have you in the past always complied with the RICS Valuation
Yes No
Standards (Red Book)?
If ‘No’ please explain the circumstances in which these are not followed
c. Please describe the survey and valuation procedures you have in place for:
i. monitoring the quality, accuracy and integrity of ALL surveys and valuations
ii. sign-off for large, complex, specialist and non standard property valuations
iii. peer review, validation and dual sign off
iv. visiting properties to spot check the quality and standard of work
v. ensuring quality of reports with the use of specialist software or reporting systems (please name those used)
vi. recording on file the site notes, photographs, valuation evidence and calculation basis
Last Year
Average over
previous 5 years
d. If you are a sole practitioner describe the procedures put in place to obtain a second opinion e.g. in respect of valuations /
difficult properties
e. Is allocation of work to individual valuers controlled via a central process?
Yes No
If ‘No’, please explain below how you prevent the possibility of undue influence being exercised by external parties
23. Qualifications of Staff
a. Please provide the following information for all fee earners undertaking Survey and Valuation work (if insufcient space
please list details on a separate sheet)
Name Qualifications
Number of
years survey
and valuation
Number of
years with your
Previous experience of this type of work
(please state previous employment history
where employed within last 2 years)
b. Do you always verify qualifications and previous experience?
Yes No
c. Have any of the fee earners undertaking Survey and Valuation work had any claim made
against them or are they aware of any circumstances which might give rise to a claim for
work performed prior to joining you?
Yes No
If Yes, please provide details in Question 31a.
d. Are all those named in Question 23a who undertake “Red Book” valuations, a
RICS Registerd Valuer” under the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme?
Yes No
If ‘No’, please give details below.
24. Type of Property
Please provide details of:
a. the types and age of properties your practice regularly inspects
b. any building inspections or valuations in the last 3 years for
i. licensed premises, pubs, restaurants, casinos or hotels
ii. listed or pre 20th Century property
iii. schools
The remaining questions should be completed by all Proposers
Quality and Risk Management
25. Life Long Learning/Continuous Professional Development
Please provide information on how you ensure that all of your staff and principals maintain their qualifications and ensure their
knowledge is up-to-date
26. Quality Management Systems and Codes of Practice
a. Are you accredited to or in the process of becoming accredited to an ISO 9001,
Cyber Essentials or subject to any other form of external assessment?
Yes No
b. Do you subscribe to a professional code of practice?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’, in either case please give details below
27. Are you able to confirm that
a. you have taken steps to ensure compliance with the latest data privacy legislation?
Yes No
b. you operate commercially licenced and purchased anti-virus software across your network
and regularly apply patches & updates in accordance with the suppliers’ recommendations?
Yes No
c. you back up critical/sensitive data at least weekly to a secure location (i.e. offsite, cloud)?
Yes No
d. you have a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan and it addresses cyber risks
including back up of data?
Yes No
e. the standard of work undertaken by all fee earners is regularly audited and reviewed?
Yes No
f. no disciplinary action has been taken by any outside professional or regulatory body
Yes No
against any Principal or member of staff?
g. written procedures or checklists are used for the professional services provided?
Yes No
h. contracts or terms of acceptance are evidenced in writing, specify the work to be
Yes No
undertaken and the extent of your responsibility?
i. records are kept of all on-site visits, contracts, letters of engagement, client meetings
Yes No
and telephone calls?
j. working papers, including survey and valuation files, are retained for at least 6 years?
Yes No
k. diary systems, registers or other procedures are in operation to ensure that deadlines
Yes No
(including those relating to rent reviews) are met?
l. a formal review of your working procedures is undertaken at least annually?
Yes No
m. satisfactory written references are always obtained for new employees and Principals?
Yes No
If ‘No’ to any of the above, give details below.
28. Do you have:
i. a business relationship with or a financial interest in any mortgage broker or solicitor?
Yes No
ii. a referral fee or shared commission arrangement with a third party organisation?
Yes No
iii. procedures to establish the existence of incentives on new build and refurbishment
properties, for example ensuring receipt of a CML Disclosure of Incentives Form?
Yes No
iv. controls to identify mortgage fraud?
Yes No
If “Yes” to questions 28 i and 28 ii or “No” to questions 28 iii and 28 iv, please give details below.
29. Fidelity
Have you suffered any loss during the past five years through fraud or
Yes No
dishonesty of any employee?
If ‘yes’ state date, circumstances, amount and steps taken to prevent recurrence
Please note that Fidelity cover is subject to the Proposers compliance with the following Minimum Standards of Control:
Minimum Standards of Control
a. all manually prepared cheques or other bank instruments drawn for more than £25,000 shall require two manually applied
signatures to be added after the amount has been inserted,
b. no cheque or instrument shall be signed until one signatory has examined the supporting documentation,
c. in respect of computer or machine prepared cheques or other bank instruments for more than £25,000 supporting
documentation shall be examined and authorised before requisition is input and also shall require one manually applied
signature to be added after the cheque or instrument is prepared,
d. bank statements receipts counterfoils and supporting documents shall be checked at least monthly against cash book entries
and the balance tested with cash and unpresented cheques independently of the Employees responsible at least monthly,
e. Employers receiving cash or cheques in the course of their duties shall be required to remit all monies received or bank in
full on the day of receipt or the next banking day,
f. cash in hand shall be checked independently of Employees responsible at least monthly and additionally without warning
every six months,
g. no one individual shall be permitted to release computer initiated transfer authorities to the bank. A second person of
higher authority must be required to check and then release instructions. Entries by each person must be controlled by
unique passwords held by each individual related to the user authorisation and the appropriate authorities are to be built
into the computer program,
h. all authorities for the initialisation of written, telephone or facsimile transfers or transfer instructions for more than £25,000
shall require the bank to call back to an authorised person to verify instructions before the transaction is commenced.
30. Has any insurer, in respect of the risks to which this proposal relates, ever
a. declined a proposal, refused renewal or terminated an insurance?
Yes No
b. required an increased premium or imposed special conditions?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’ in either case please give details below:
31. a. Has any claim been made against you or any principal, consultant or employee
Yes No
or predecessor firms during the last ten years in respect of the risks (other than those
referred to in Question 29) to which this proposal relates?
If ‘Yes’ give details (by separate note if preferred)
Date of claim Brief details of each claim Cost (if any) of claim paid Estimated outstanding cost
What action has been taken to prevent a recurrence of the situation which gave rise to each claim?
32. Is any principal, consultant or employee, after enquiry, aware of any circumstances which might
a. give rise to a claim against you or any predecessors in business or any of the present
or former principals?
Yes No
b. result in you or any predecessors in business or any of the present or former
principals incurring any losses or expenses which might be within the terms of this cover?
Yes No
c. otherwise affect the Insurer’s consideration of this insurance?
Yes No
If ‘Yes’ give details including maximum potential cost (by separate note if preferred)
Yes No
Use this space to provide further information in support of answers given to questions in this Proposal.
Please state question number clearly.
Continue answer on a separate sheet if insufficient space.
Please read the following carefully before you sign and date the Declaration and Undertaking
Before the insurance policy takes effect the Insured have a duty to make a fair presentation of the risks to be insured under the
insurance policy.
A fair presentation of the risk is one:
discloses to the Insurer every material circumstance which the Insured know of or ought to know of; or
gives the Insurer sufcient information to put the Insurer on notice that it will need to make further enquiries for the
purpose of revealing those material circumstances,
which makes that disclosure referred to above in a manner which is reasonably clear and accessible to the Insurer; and
in which every material representation as to a matter of fact is substantially correct, and every material representation as to a
matter of expectation or belief is made in good faith.
A material circumstance is one that would influence the Insurer’s decision as to whether or not to agree to insure you and, if so, the
terms of that insurance. If you are in any doubt as to whether a circumstance is material you should disclose it to the Insurer.
A copy of the proposal should be retained by you for your own records.
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc is unable to provide insurance in circumstances where to do so would be in breach of any
financial or trade sanctions imposed by the United Nations or any government, governmental or judicial body or regulatory agency.
RSA is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.
For a full explanation of how we use the information we collect about you, how you can contact us if you wish to exercise your
rights and the procedure that we have in place to safeguard your privacy please visit:
I/We declare that every statement and particular contained within this proposal form:
which is a statement of fact, is substantially correct, and
which is matter of expectation or belief, is made in good faith.
If any such facts, expectations and/or beliefs materially change before the insurance policy takes effect I/we undertake to provide
details of all such changes to the Insurer in order to comply with my/our obligation to provide a fair presentation of the risk to be
insured under the insurance policy.
I/We accept the minimum standards of control applicable to Fidelity cover.
For the purposes of making this proposal for insurance, I/we agree that the Intermediary (which I/we have appointed to advise in
relation to this policy) is acting on my/our behalf and not as an agent of the Insurer.
Signature (Principal)
On behalf of*
*insert name of your firm
This insurance will not commence until the Insurer has indicated acceptance of the Proposal. The Insurer reserves the right to
decline any Proposal.
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc (No. 93792).
Registered in England and Wales at St. Mark’s Court, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1XL.
Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.
UKC03829E PI Property Professionals May 2020