Individuals who are requesting scribes services MUST comply with the following procedure:
1. Students seeking the use of a scribe in the classroom and for exams/quizzes must
receive approval for this accommodation from the Disability Support Services Office.
The college recognizes its responsibility and will make every attempt to provide the
services when appropriate.
2. Student must complete an intake with the ADA Coordinator or Disability Support
Advisor at the campus you will be attending or the campus closest to your home.
3. Request for a scribe should be made by completing the correct paper work, including
this form and the Student Request for Scribe Form no later than six weeks before the
beginning of the semester for which they are requesting scribe.
4. To schedule an appointment, please email (Prince Frederick) (Leonardtown Campus); (La Plata Campus) or
relay call to 301-934-7614.
5. Request must be accompanied by the list of classes to be covered, the location, and
faculty's or instructor's name.
6. Students who add a class must fill out a new request form. Students who drop classes
must notify the ADA Coordinator or Disability Support Coordinator.
7. Students requiring additional scribe services for special projects and extra credit
assignments must request services at least seven working days in advance.
8. Due to issues concerning liability, scribes are not permitted to provide services in
students' homes.
9. The College of Southern Maryland is not financially or otherwise responsible for any
student who enters into a contract with a scribe without following the college's written
procedure for requesting scribe services.
10. If in the event a student is dissatisfied with the skill level, adequacy or competence of
the scribe, the student must contact the ADA Coordinator to appropriately address this
11. Students must inform the Disability Services Office of any class absences or cancelations
as soon as possible to ensure proper notification of scribes.
Role of the Scribe
The scribe’s sole function is to provide equal access to information via note taking. The scribe is
not to act as a tutor (in their capacity as scribe), a personal care attendant, or an assistant to
the student, faculty or instructor.
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Campus Attending: La Plata Prince Frederick Leonardtown Hughesville
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