Completed PDF application forms should be uploaded along with a
completed Information Form and submitted at the URL provided (Note: in
order to save your added text, you must download and save the PDF to your
computer before you begin typing). Two letters of recommendation should
be sent directly by recommenders to
You are welcome to consult with the Director of the Office for Student Research
and Creativity for advice on formulating your project and completing your
application, including questions related to the purchase of resources or
equipment for the project per your budget (some restrictions may apply). For
questions about the application process, please contact the OSRC secretary at
Part I.
PROJECT TITLE (limit of 12 words):
Part II.
Students in the Presidential Scholars Program will complete an independent research or creative project by the
final semester of their senior year. The project may be an outgrowth of research/creative endeavors within the
major, an interdisciplinary exploration, a community-related or service learning experience, or combine personal
interests with an academic, intellectual, and creative component. The project is expected to contribute to a field
of academic interest and expand the student’s horizons outside the classroom.
Please submit an essay of not more than 350 words, explaining your proposed project and research questions
and emphasizing the following:
The project’s purpose and relation to your academic and personal goals
The project’s research methods or creative modes and significance for your particular academic
Skills needed to complete this project (such as coursework, software skills, or artistic techniques) and
your plans to acquire these skills
The format of your work and venues for presentation
o Will you present your project to the academic community, here or elsewhere?
o On-campus demonstrations of your work might include workshops/demonstrations, museum
displays, video screenings, teaching demonstrations, or presentations of a paper or poster
o Off-campus presentations may occur at regional or national meetings in one’s discipline
Relevant prior experiences (class projects, hobbies, jobs, volunteer work, or other extracurricular
Essay objectives: Your essay will need to convince the Presidential Scholars Selection Committee that
You have a student-driven, independent research or creative project that contributes to your educational
growth and to the academic community at large
You are capable of pursuing the project independent of your academic coursework
You have developed a strong plan to carry out your project
You have the skills to complete this project in the time allotted
Check your work: Proofreading your application is a critical step in the process. Have others read over the final
draft of your essay. Typographical errors and poor grammar are not characteristics of the high-quality work
expected of Presidential Scholars. Some common problems include:
Noun-verb agreement
Use of contractions (formal writing doesn’t does not use contractions)
Incorrect use of apostrophes
Spelling (“their/there” confusion is not caught by spellcheckers)
Your essay goes here:
Part III.
A timeline that outlines important stages of the process is needed to complete your project. Before you write your
essay, sketch out a timeline semester by semester; take account of when and where you will need to devote more
or less attention to the project, based on your expected course load and other time considerations. A general
outline of the process will guide you in crafting your timeline:
Presidential Scholars are admitted into the program during the fall semester
Shortly after they are notified, Scholars meet with their Faculty Mentors to begin planning
Scholars may begin using their funds once they and their Mentors have agreed on a plan (This is the
beginning of your timeline)
Presidential Scholars present their projects at a mandatory Colloquium in December or mid-to-late
spring of their senior year, which marks the project’s culmination (Your timeline should end with this
Give a short description (one or two lines each) of your research/creative endeavors project goals, semester by
semester (4 semesters if you are a junior, and 6 semesters if you are a sophomore)
Part IV.
Attach an itemized budget, including projected cost of materials, shipping and handling, and estimated travel
expenses. Presidential Scholars are provided a $900 stipend per year, up to a total of $1800 for the total term of
the award. Specify all anticipated expenditures. Items listed must correspond directly to the project timeline
and description as explained in your essay.
Budget Template
Budget Justification: Explain the reasons why budget items are essential for your project.