Board for Certification of Genealogists
Post Office Box 14291 Washington, DC 20044
Since 1964, the hallmark of
Quality Professionalism Service
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Full Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________
The geographic area and time period I select for the BCG-supplied document assignment is:
(Note that the choice for Requirement 3 does not limit the rest of your portfolio to only this time and place.)
In addition to English, my work entails use of the __________________________________ language.
Please initial each statement below:
I have paid the preliminary application fee ($75) online at or by mailing a check or money order
payable through a U.S. bank to the address above. *
I understand I have one year from the date of this application in which to submit my final
application portfolio, as well as the final application fee of $300.
I understand my application must follow the requirements set out in the 2019 edition of
The BCG Application Guide, which I have downloaded from the BCG website. I also
understand that if I apply for an extension, I must follow whatever edition of the Guide
then in effect.
I understand that if my application is successful, I will be certified for five years, during
which time I will be responsible for paying an annual fee each July 1
I have read the BCG Application Guide (Introduction to page 8).
Signed _____________________________________________________ Date ____________________
Return the completed form to
* The fee includes a one-year subscription to BCG’s newsletter, OnBoard. (Revised June 2020)
Board for Certification of Genealogists
Post Office Box 14291 Washington, DC 20044
Since 1964, the hallmark of
Quality Professionalism Service
The following questions are for BCG informational purposes only.
The answers will not be shared with any judge for the evaluation of your portfolio.
1. How did you first hear about BCG? (check one)
Friend or colleague Conference or institute
BCG website or blog Print advertisement
Social media Other (please specify) ___________________________________________________
2. Have you stopped to speak with BCG Associates at a conference or institute or viewed BCG portfolios?
……….If so, at which conferences or institutes? Choose all that apply:
Stopped at Booth and/or Viewed Portfolios at
National Genealogical Society Conference (NGS)
Association of Professional Genealogists Management Conference (APG)
RootsTech Conference (Salt Lake City)
Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG)
Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR)
Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP)
Other: ______________________________________________________________________
3. Do you –
Yes No attend BCG’s webinars regularly (via Legacy Family Tree Webinars)?
Yes No read OnBoard regularly?
Yes No consult BCG’s website regularly?
Yes No read BCG’s blog Springboard regularly?
Yes No visit or receive newsfeed from BCG’s Facebook group regularly?
4. Have you –
Yes No attended a national genealogical society conference?
Yes No attended a week-long genealogical institute?
Yes No participated in a formal online study group with assignments and work review?
Yes No attended a formal genealogical program of multi-week sessions?
Yes No attended a BCG certification seminar at a national conference or institute?
Yes No attended a BCG webinar (through Legacy Family Tree or the Family History Library)?
5. Do you have experience with analyzing DNA in genealogical research? (check one)
None DNA test only Beginner Intermediate Professional
6. About how many hours per week do you work on genealogy? ________
7. Do you read a peer-reviewed genealogy journal (NGSQ, TAG, NEHGR, NYGBR, or The Genealogist (US))?
Always Usually Sometimes Never
8. Do you belong to –
Yes No a state or local genealogical society?
Yes No a national genealogical society or genealogy organization with a non-US focus?
Yes No a lineage society?
Yes No the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)?
9. Age range (check one):
0-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81+
10. Highest level of formal education (check one):
High School Some college BA/BS MA/MS Doctorate or equivalent (specify) _____________________________
11. Do you currently have or have you previously had a credential in genealogy: (check one)
Accredited Genealogist
Other: _________________________________________
(Revised June 2020)
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