2019 - 2020
Part-time and Full-time Faculty and Academic Support in Academic Affairs
Title of position being requested:
Type of position request:
Full-time, Tenure-track Faculty [ ]
Academic Concentration:
Full-time, Visiting Faculty (See Note on p. 3, Section V)
[ ] Sabbatical/FYP Leave(s) [ ] Professional Leave
[ ] Other
Name of individual(s) being replaced:
Academic Concentration:
Part-time Faculty [ ] Lecturer [ ] Senior Lecturer [ ] Emeritus Lecturer
Name of individual under consideration:
Special Appointments [ ] Shared (2/3rds-2/3rds)
Name(s) of individual(s) under consideration:
Academic Support [ ] part-time [ ] full-time [ ] 12 month [ ] 10 month
[ ] Other:
If your request for a visitor is to replace someone who is completing a phased retirement or who will be present on
campus for only one semester of an academic year as the person moves to retirement, we will assume that you will do
a search for a CFD Fellow. You should plan on having that person teach 3-4 units.
Please attach your responses to Sections I VI of the Position Request Guidelines to this form for all
tenure-track and Academic Support requests.
All materials should be submitted to the Dean’s Office no later than July 20, 2018 at NOON.
Be sure that all members of your department who are submitting Sabbatical/FYP Leave Requests have done so
by June 8, 2018.
Part-time and Full-time Faculty and Academic Support
Academic departments and programs should make requests for faculty and staff positions within the context of a
comprehensive staffing analysis. Each position requested should have a distinct rationale that places the request in the
overall context of program staffing. Department chairs and program coordinators should prepare requests that address
the following:
Section I: Brief program enrollment analysis
. The Staffing Committee will have data on numbers of majors/minors
and course enrollments. In this section, explain any features of your curriculum that the committee should consider,
such as curriculum bottlenecks, particular features of the academic program that are relevant to staffing (e.g. the
SYE), your department/program’s course offerings that fulfill graduation requirements, and changes that you have
seen as we have implemented the new graduation requirements.
Section II: Brief analysis of anticipated leaves and course reductions. This section should report on all anticipated
sabbatical, FYP, and professional leaves in the department or program, and on all anticipated course reductions
resulting from FYP participation, chair, program coordinator, or grant project director compensation, or accrued
SYE credits.
Section III: Three-year history and projection of FYP and FYS participation. This section should report on the
department’s or program’s past and planned contribution to FYP/FYS staffing (with each discussed separately). The
normal assumption is that a department or program will contribute faculty to the FYP and FYS in a proportion
commensurate with its size. If your department departs from this norm, you should address how and why you depart
from it. If you have not contributed to the FYP in the past 3 years, please discuss why this has been the case.
Section IV: Description of position requested. This section should offer a description of the position being
requested. Please note: You should define the position as broadly as possible, as this will allow you to generate
the largest and most diverse pool possible. Consider ways in which your program would benefit from diverse and
inclusive pedagogies and scholarly agendas.
Section V: Rationale. This section should provide a brief rationale for the position being requested. The rationale
should address how the position contributes to the department’s or program’s curriculum, and how it connects to and
supports interdisciplinary programs (Letters of support from programs should be included. Such letters should
specifically address how the position will enhance the program and expected enrollments for the program).
If the position being requested is to replace a faculty member, whether one on leave or leaving the university,
please answer the following questions:
If the position being requested is to replace a faculty member in the areas that they teach
currently, what is the recent enrollment history of the person(s) being replaced?
What courses will be offered by the new faculty member/visitor?
Based upon program requirements and enrollment history, what is the anticipated enrollment
in each course?
If the request for the replacement is not approved, what is the contingency plan?
Other questions that must be addressed in your rationale:
Thus far, how have the new general education requirements affected your departmental
enrollments? What additional courses do you expect to be submitted to meet requirements?
Will the position that you are requesting contribute anything new to the curriculum that will
enable students to meet general education requirements?
What results from department/program assessment projects in the last 1-3 years have
contributed to your understanding of the need for this position?
Which of your departmental learning goals and university learning goals will this position
Section VI: Diversity
. Consistent with the University’s goal of diversifying the faculty, this section should detail
strategies that will be used throughout the process to increase the likelihood of cultivating a diverse applicant pool.
These strategies could include the definition and scope of teaching and research fields of the position,
including a request for a diversity statement in the candidate’s materials, new sites and methods of recruiting
candidates of difference and search practices. Those approved to conduct tenure-track searches will be required
to participate in workshops to discuss recruiting and hiring traditionally underrepresented US populations.
Section VII: Space need and start-up needs. This section should describe the plan for accommodating the position
being requested. Please address office, lab, and studio spaces as appropriate. If you anticipate the need for start-up
resources that go beyond the baseline, please explain why and estimate the expense.
Departments or programs submitting multiple requests should submit a separate Section IV, V, and VI for each
position being requested.