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Under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, families can move their assistance from one unit to another unit
under certain conditions. “Portability” means moving from one housing authority’s jurisdiction into another housing
authority’s jurisdiction.
In order to move into a unit within the jurisdiction of a different housing authority (port out) you must meet at least one of the
following criteria.
1. The head of your household or spouse lived in the jurisdiction of your current housing authority at the time your family
placed your name on the waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.
2. You have been receiving housing assistance in the jurisdiction of your current housing authority for at least one year.
If you do not meet the requirements to portable your voucher as shown in statement #1 and/or #2 above, and you are
an individual with a disability, you may request to portable your voucher as a reasonable accommodation (RA). RA
may only be considered for disabled individuals. If you are a disabled individual and would like the request to portable your
voucher be considered as a reasonable accommodation, submit this form with a Request for a Reasonable Accommodation
form. This form is available in our lobby and on the Housing Authority website at www.hacosantacruz.org. You may also
call our Information Center (831) 454-5977 to ask that one be sent to you.
If you believe you are eligible to port and you would like to transfer your housing assistance to a unit in a different
housing authority’s jurisdiction, please fill out the form below. Your request will not be processed until the Housing
Authority receives a copy of your vacate notice. Please be aware that it could take up to three weeks to review and process
your Portability Request Form depending on the number of requests pending. If you cancel your request, and wish to port to a
new location, you will need to submit a new Portability Request Form and that process could take up to three weeks
depending on volume. Initial here showing you understand the rules of portability as they apply to you _____
Name of Head of Household: __________________________________________ Tenant ID: ____________________
Home Address: __________________________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________
__________________________________ __________________________________
Phone Numbers: Home: _____________________ Work: _____________________ Cell: _______________________
Please list the city, county, and state in which you would like to move.
City: _________________________ Name of PHA: __________________________________
County: _________________________ Contact Person: __________________________________
State: _________________________ Phone and Fax Number: ___________________________
Next steps in the portability process:
1. We will contact the housing authority that covers the area you would like to move into. We will inform the other housing
authority that you wish to “port in” to their jurisdiction, and confirm that they are receiving portable vouchers.
2. Next, your request to port out must be approved by your current housing authority, and the housing authority in the
location you wish to move. Our representative will inform you whether or not your request has been granted.
3. If your request has been approved by both housing authorities, we will process your portability documentation, and your
program documents will be sent to the housing authority where you will move.
4. You will need to contact your new housing authority to inquire about any additional requirements that they may have.
Print Head of Household Name Signature of Head of Household Date