Revised: 11/2018
Reactivate Application Form
POLICY: A student has one year to defer their enrollment based on their initial admission date to Brandman University. If
the student returns within one year, a Request to Reactivate Application form must be submitted to the Office of
Admission for reactivation to the program. The Office of Admission will reevaluate the student’s application and admit per
the Request to Reactivate Application form. If a student returns after one year of their initial deferment, a new
application for admission must be completed at
PLEASE NOTE: If you are requesting reactivation to the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, EDD, do
not fill out this form, you will need to submit a new application for admission at If you are
requesting reactivation to the Master of Arts in Psychology program, your catalog year will be based on your first term
of enrollment, when you begin your graduate study.
Complete all areas below to authorize the Office of Admission to reactivate your application for admission.
Last Name First Name Student#:
Email Birth date Campus:
Original Academic Program: Original Catalog Year:
New Academic Program: New Trimester:
Undergraduates: Changing programs may affect admission requirements and/or articulation of coursework.
Graduates: You may ONLY change a program emphasis with this form. If you wish to change to a different
program, a new application for admission must be completed at
Will you be using any of the following benefits?
Do you use Veterans Assistance? Yes No
Do you use Military Tuition Assistance? Yes No
Do you use Vocational Rehabilitation? Yes No
Do you use Financial Aid? Yes No
I am aware of the following requirements:
I will need to meet with the campus Academic Advisor to update my Education Plan.
If I am using Financial Aid, I must meet with the campus OneStop Specialist to update my Financial Aid
A new Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) is required if deferring enrollment is from the summer
trimester to the fall trimester.
Official transcripts of any coursework taken while in a deferred enrollment status must be submitted to the
Office of Admission.
Changing programs may affect articulation of coursework.
Applicant Signature Date
Please Sign
SUBMITTING FORM: Click the SUBMIT button below to open your email window, the form will be attached.
Add any comments and select SEND, the email and form will go directly to the Office of Admission at for processing.
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