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To be completed and uploaded to the “my documents” section in the ECC Career Portal
Student Last Name: Student First Name:
Student ID Number: Student Email:
Job Title: Job ID Number (ECC Portal):
Company: Start Date: End Date:
Working Arrangement: On Site Remote Rotational (Combination of on-site & remote)
Other: _________
Work Location: Canada If Abroad please specify location: _________________________________
PEY Co-op Work Term Agreement
I agree to abide by the following program policies and procedures before, during and after my co-op
work term:
I take ownership on the decision to accept this PEY Co-op job offer. I will immediately cease
searching for other co-op opportunities. I will provide the Engineering Career Centre (ECC) with a
signed copy of my Offer Letter/Employer Contract on the ECC Portal within three business days of
I agree to pay the PEY Co-op work term fee of $975.00 and the part-time incidental fees that will
be posted on ACORN, in accordance with the payment instructions and deadlines provided by the
Student Accounts Office. Failure to pay these fees will result in the termination of the PEY Co-op work
term. I am aware that I cannot drop the PEY Co-op Subject POSt and that the drop dates for academic
courses do not apply to PEY Co-op.
I agree to commit to a 12-16 month continuous work term within the same organization. I will
not withdraw my acceptance, or decide to resign prematurely, without prior discussion with the
Director, Employer Relations (or designate) followed by the designated Employer representative. I
understand that if I do resign without said prior discussion:
the status of my PEY Co-op work term may be revoked, and the PEY Co-op non-academic credit
(NCR) will reflect an unsuccessful completion of term on my transcript
I understand that the PEY Co-op work term fees are non-refundable, regardless of the number of
months that I have worked
I understand that honouring this professional commitment and contractual agreement of my co-
op work term is mandatory. In this very competitive process, I successfully obtained and accepted this
co-op opportunity that could have been offered to another student. As such, I will follow through on
my commitment, recognizing that the employer has also made a commitment to provide this
opportunity for the agreed 12-16 month duration.
Engineering Career Centre
222 College St, Suite 106, Toronto, Ontario |
I agree to complete the Transition to the Workplace Session prior to the start of my work term.
I commit to work full time and my priority is to fulfill my co-op responsibilities. I will only take
courses that are essential and in accordance with the course approval guidelines set by the
Engineering Career Centre:
Course registration and participation is not permitted during the first four months of a work term
I will submit the Course Approval Request with my manager’s signature to the ECC at least ten
business days before the start of the course
I will not take more than 0.5 FCE per term and must not exceed a total of 1.0 FCE over the entire
duration of the work term
I will complete my assigned responsibilities to the best of my abilities and will research or ask for
help should I require assistance.
I will strive to conduct myself in a professional manner while on my work term, and I will assume
the responsibilities laid out in the University of Toronto Code of Student Conduct. I will notify the ECC
staff immediately if I am experiencing any issues or concerns in the workplace. I will seek guidance
from the ECC prior to making critical decisions or taking untoward actions in the workplace. I
understand that the ECC may contact my supervisor/HR to collaborate and to support me in this
International Students - I will upload a copy of my Co-op Work Permit on the ECC portal to
confirm my eligibility to work
Students working outside of Canada - I agree to follow the guidelines and complete all the
mandatory requirements of the Safety Abroad Office. I will take extra precautions and observe the
health and safety protocols of the company as well as the city, province or country where my work is
I understand that the PEY Co-op non-academic credit notation reflects the completion, or lack
thereof, of my contract and the submission of the Self-Reflection and Evaluation Forms and Final
Report. A successful completion is reflected via a CR notation, while an unsuccessful (non-eligible)
notation is denoted with an NCR.
After completing my co-op work term, I agree to return to school in the Fall of 2023 to continue
my studies as a full-time undergraduate student. I acknowledge that this is a government mandated
requirement for co-op programs.
I understand and accept the terms of this agreement as set out above.
Student Signature: Date: ________________________________