FPA_Petition for Varience.doc 5/28/14
pursuant to 12 M.R.S. §8869
Maine Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
22 SHS, Augusta, Maine 04333-0022 - (207) 287-2791 or in-state 1-800-367-0223
Petition Number
Name/Post Office mailing address & ZIP/daytime phone
(contact person)
Name/Post Office mailing address & ZIP/daytime phone
Town/Township County
Attach additional sheets if necessary to fully answer questions 2-12
(Keyed to the appropriate question)
2. Specific standard(s) for which a variance is requested; under MFS Rules, Chapter 20: Clearcut Standards of
The Forest Regeneration & Clearcutting Standards, MFS Rules (section 5).
3. How will your proposed activities vary from the prescribed standards? What mitigation measures, if any, do
you propose in lieu of the standards?
4. What specific conditions make it necessary to exceed the clear-cut performance standards? Explain.
Unique characteristics of site Economic Hardship
4.a Explain:
5. Mandatory Variance Information: Provide (on an additional sheet) a detailed description of the
present condition of the site and the expected condition after the implementation of all requested activities if the
variance is approved. The information should include but is not limited to: Forest Operations Notification number, pre-
harvest and post-harvest stand conditions (acres affected, basal area, stand and stocking data, species, justification for the
harvest), condition of trees (insect and disease, decay, growth, windfirmness), soils information (dry ,wet, ledge), terrain
(steep, flat, erosion potential), harvest techniques and type of equipment to be utilized, Best Management Practices to be
installed (before, during and after the harvest), identify water bodies/wetlands and practices used to protect them, effect
on wildlife and habitat, etc…
6. Unique characteristics of site. If this request is based on the grounds of unique characteristics of the site, provide
any forest stand information that will support your need for the variance such as soils information, species of trees, stand
type, tree heights, stand acreages, basal areas, insect and disease analysis by appropriate forest entomologists or
pathologists, topographic data, water body information, etc.
FPA_Petition for Varience.doc 5/28/14
7. Economic Hardship. If this request is based on grounds of economic hardship, provide any relevant financial data
that will support your claim for a variance.
8. Cause of the problem, if any. (Variances will not be issued if hardship or extraordinary difficulties are claimed as
grounds for the variance and they were created by the owner or a predecessor in title).
9. List alternative courses of action that were considered and reason(s) they were rejected.
10. List names, addresses and phone numbers of landowners of all property adjoining the area of activity and
show their location on your map - item 11.
11. What is the approximate time period planned to perform the activities requested in this variance?
and end
12. Attach a map of sufficient detail showing the proposed activity related to the variance request and where it
is located. Show any roads, streams, zoned wildlife habitat and any other protection zones, stand types, and any
other information applicable to this request. Acceptable base maps include full size LUPC zoning maps, forest
type maps at scale of 1" = 1/4 mile or less, vertical aerial photographs or readable copies of same at a scale of 1" =
1/4 mile or less or other accurate map with scale, title, and north arrow.
CERTIFICATION. I hereby certify that the information contained herein is true, correct, and
complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Signature of Landowner or/designated agent Date Submitted