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Southeastern Technical College is an Equal Opportunity Institution
NOTE: If a change in classification is approved, it will not affect prior terms.
STEP 1: Complete Section 1.
STEP 2: Choose an option in Section 2.
STEP 3: Attach required documents for your specific status, either dependent or independent.
You are considered a dependent if any parent or guardian is claiming you on their tax returns.
STEP 4: Read reminders and sign the petition.
STEP 5: Submit this form along with any necessary documentation to the Admissions office.
*Note: If you are a Non-U.S. Citizen, you must provide proof of Permanent Residence Status or
Asylum. Status to be considered for in-state or out-of-state status.
Last Name:____________________________ First Name: _________________________ MI:____
Student ID #: _____________________ Date of Birth __________________________
Present Address: __________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________State: ____________________Zip: _________________
I am submitting this petition for tuition purposes for ___________________ semester
(Example: Spring 2018)
SECTION 2 (Please check one)
___Requesting change from foreign to out-of-state residency status (Provide documentation of
permanent residence status.)
___Requesting change from out-of-state to Georgia residency status (Refer to the Georgia residency
status requirements on the reverse side as either a dependent or independent student.)
___Requesting change from foreign to in-state residency status (Provide documentation of
permanent residence status and refer to the Georgia residency status requirements on reverse side.)
___Requesting change to in-state residency status based on TCSG policy as outlined in the TCSG
Policy Manual. Please cite the provision within the policy manual under section VI.E (Eligibility for In-
State Tuition Waivers) and provide proof that you qualify for this provision.
Provision: ________________________________________________________________
Approved_______ Denied______ Reason _____________________________________
Dependent Student (Georgia Residency Requirements) For students under the age of 24 and
your parent/guardian claimed you on their most recent tax return.
Please attach to this form:
A. A copy of your parent’s/legal guardian’s most recent GA tax records showing that he/she
claimed you on their taxes. (All information can be blacked out except the student’s Social
Security Number.)
B. At least two (2) documents from the Residency Documents list below to prove GA residency
for the past 12 consecutive months for your parent or guardian.
Independent Student (Georgia Residency Requirements) For students over the age of 24 or those
under 24 not being claimed by a parent/guardian on their most recent tax return.
Please attach to this form:
A. At least two (2) documents from the list below to prove GA residency for the past 12
consecutive months.
Residency Documents:
Location of employment.
Location of voter registration.
Location of property, including home purchase, and taxes paid thereon.
State for which the individual filed and paid state income taxes.
Address and other information on federal and state income tax returns.
State where the person’s automobile title is registered and the payment of property
taxes thereon.
Address on driver’s license and state of issuance.
Address on the Georgia Driver’s License Bureau ID.
Reason for initially coming to Georgia.
State of issuance of business, professional, or other licenses.
Location of checking, savings, or other banking accounts.
Please submit this form to the Admissions Office at Southeastern Technical College
Submission of this form does not guarantee a change of residency status. Per state policy:
Determining a students residency status must be based on the existence of surrounding
objective circumstances that indicate a students intent to maintain a permanent residence, or
domicile, in the State of Georgia.
The decision to change residency is at the discretion of the college and its officers. Change of
status in no way guarantees financial aid.
SECTION 4 Reminders:
The above list of residency documents may be considered when documenting the
domicile of an individual, but this is not an exhaustive list.
Your petition will not be considered if you do not complete the entire form.
This form is NOT for Financial Aid purposes.
Student’s Signature __________________________________________ Date ______________