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A & R 9.13.19
Up to 24 semester units of substandard course work (i.e., NC, NP, D, & F) which are not reflective of the student’s current
demonstrated scholastic ability may be alleviated and disregarded in the computation of the grade point average under the
following conditions. (Please check/circle the questions below.)
A period of at least one year has elapsed since the substandard work to be alleviated was completed.
I have met one of the following benchmarks since the course work to be alleviated was completed:
I want to exclude the following GRADE(S) & UNIT(S) from my GPA calculations. Please list the term, year, course name and
number, unit value, and grade. Up to 24 semester units of substandard course work (i.e., NC, NP, D, & F) may be listed.
Semester/Year Course Name& Number Units Grade Repeated Granted
Signature (Required)
Ext. Date
TOTALS AFTER RENEWAL (Total Excluded Units may not exceed 24)
Original G.P.A. Completed Units
Revised G.P.A.
Received By: __________________________ Date: _____________
Posted By: __________________________
Date: ______________
Counselor (print name)
Student Signature:
Reason for Renewal Request
Transfer to another institution
Complete Degree or Certificate
Financial Aid
Qualify for admission to a program
Other (specify):
Completed 12 semester units with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
Completed 24 semester units with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.
Mission College I.D. #:
Email Address:
First M.I.
Total Excluded Units
Submit completed form to the Admissions & Records Office
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Excluded Units
Total Revised Completed Units
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Academic Renewal Policy
Per California Code of Regulations, § 55046, the Academic Renewal process permits students the opportunity to
petition to have up to 24 units of substandard academic work completed within the West Valley Mission Community
College District (WVMCCD) disregarded from their cumulative grade point average when such work does not reflect
their current demonstrated ability. If Academic Renewal is approved, the student’s permanent record will be noted
with Academic Renewal comments and the units will be removed. The renewed course(s) will not be removed from
the record, as the district is required to show the student’s complete and accurate academic record.
• Only substandard notations may be renewed (“D”, “F”, “NP”, “NC”).
• Coursework previously applied toward a degree, certificate or GE certification (IGETC/ CSU GE-B) at WVMCCD
are not eligible for academic renewal.
• Academic Renewal at WVMCCD does not guarantee that other colleges will accept this action.
Approval of an Academic Renewal request is subject to the following conditions:
• Since the coursework to be alleviated was completed, a student must meet one of the following conditions in the
District and/or at another regionally accredited institution (official transcripts must be attached to petition):
a. Completion of 12 with 3.0 cumulative GPA
b. Completion of 24 with a 2.0 cumulative GPA
• A period of 2 semesters must have elapsed since the substandard work.
• The College will disregard individual courses selected by the student in consultation with a Counselor.
• Courses alleviated still reflect a course attempt for the purposes of the repeat policy, pursuant to California Code of
Regulations, § 55042.
• Once applied, Academic Renewal may not be reversed.
Student must consult with a counselor before petitioning for Academic Renewal. After obtaining the Counselor’s
signature, the completed Student Petition is submitted to the Admissions & Records Office.
Student Instructions (Fill out Form Completely):
1. Complete the top portion of this form.
2. Make a counseling appointment, and bring this form with you to your appointment.
3. Answer qualifying questions in consultation with a Counselor.
4. Review transcripts (If you are planning to use courses completed at another College, official transcripts
from that college are required.)
5. List courses to be alleviated.
6. Sign Form
Counselor Instructions:
7. Provide Reason for Renewal Request.
8. Please review and attach unofficial Mission College transcripts noting the courses to be renewed. If the
course work used as the basis for the Academic Renewal Petition is from an external college, an official
transcript is required.
9. Sign Form
The completed form is to be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office. The petitioner receives a response to
the request for Academic Renewal within ten (10) business days.
Academic renewal by the West Valley Mission Community College District does not guarantee that
other institutions will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer
3000 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054
A & R 9.13.19