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Enrollment Scholarship Application
Applicant's Name:________________________________________Student ID___________________
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing with the utmost confidence to recommend the applicant listed above as a scholarship
recipient at Cambridge College. I have known this applicant for the past _________ years and can
vouch for her/his dedication to public service and positive change, as well as her/his role as a
valuable member in volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and community functions.
The applicant is an excellent member of the community, often raising insightful questions and
looking for new ways to get involved. More than putting in volunteer hours, she/he strives to
connect with individual members of the community and actively looks for ways to improve the lives
of others.
The applicant?s work within the community is inspiring to others and worthy of commendation. I can
think of no better way to appreciate work such as this than to accept her/him as a recipient of a
scholarship at Cambridge College.
Thank you for your time, and please feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional
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