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Graduating Students CANNOT take classes at another institution during their FINAL (graduating) semester.
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Instructions and Policies Regarding
Courses Taken at Other Institutions
1. The acceptance of transfer work is subject to degree and catalog requirements and does not imply acceptance for a
specific course and/or degree requirement. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the conditions under which
transfer credit is accepted.
2. A maximum of 66 credit hours may be accepted from a combination of two-year institutions and technical
3. No course with a grade of "D" or "F" will be accepted in transfer.
4. Courses from two-year institutions cannot be accepted for advanced (3000-4000) level credit.
5. A student may not repeat at another institution a course in which a grade has already been earned at DBU.
6. After matriculation, a student may only transfer a total of 12 credit hours to DBU.
7. DBU students who wish to enroll for course work at another institution must secure written permission of the Registrar
at DBU before registering for the course. Failure to obtain this approval in advance will result in the refusal of the
University to accept such work.
8. Students who wish to take courses at another institution must receive permission to do so TWO WEEKS prior to the
time of registration at the other institution.
9. Students must take 30 of their last 36 hours prior to graduation in residence at DBU. However, graduating students are
not allowed to transfer hours during their final semester.
*Students entering DBU under the 1999-2001 or subsequent catalog until Fall 2014 must take 30 of the last 36 credit
hours in residence at DBU and 32 hours total must be taken in residence. Students entering DBU under the Fall 2014
or subsequent catalogs must take 30 of the last 36 credit hours in residence at DBU and 30 hours total must be taken in
10. Official copies of transcripts from other institutions will be required in order for credits to be placed on the DBU transcript.
Students must request that official copies of transcripts be sent to the Office of the Registrar within two weeks of
completion of the class(es) and must pay any applicable fees to the other institution for the transcript.
11. Before approval is given for a course to be taken at another institution, all DBU prerequisites for that course must be
12. When requesting permission to take a course at institutions other than those in the Dallas/Tarrant County area, please
provide a course description when submitting your Permission Request Form.