(500) CLASS
Student Name: ________________________________________________ ID # ______________________
Email address: _________________________________________________ (student will be notified by
Are you a senior? Yes No Anticipated Semester of Graduation __________
Undergraduate GPA: __________________ Total Undergraduate Credits: ______________
Total # Credits Requesting ________________
In order to take a graduate level class as an undergraduate, the student must be in the final semester of
undergraduate work and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. The must have the permission of their
advisor and the instructor of the graduate class. If the student is receiving financial aid they must visit
with financial aid to see how the class could impact their award. Students may take only 500 level classes.
They may not take any 600 or higher level classes. Students may take a maximum of eight credits at the
graduate level and the classes will appear on the undergraduate transcript.
I am seeking permission to take the following graduate level class/classes:
_____________________ _________________________________________________ _________________
Course/Number Description CRN #
_________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _____________________
Course/Number Description CRN #
I certify this student is eligible to take up to eight (8) semester credits of graduate course work (500 level
only). Student has been notified this approval does not override any instructor restrictions for
____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Advisor Date
This student has my permission to take the class/classes listed above.
____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Instructor Date
________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________
Instructor Date
I have checked with financial aid and gotten approval to take these credits.
_____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Financial Aid Officer Date
Received in Graduate Office _________________________________________ Processed: _________________________
Date Date