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PURPOSE: In order to register a foreign entity (any entity formed
outside of Alabama) to transact business in Alabama, the entity must
deliver to the Secretary of State for filing a Application for
Registration to Section 10A-1-7.04, Code of Alabama 1975
INSTRUCTIONS: Mail this completed form with the appropriate fee
to the Office of the Secretary of State at PO Box 5616, Montgomery,
AL 36103. Include a check, money order , or credit card payment for
$150.00 for standard processing (no guaranteed processing timeframe
– dependent on volume) or $250.00 for expedited processing (within
approximately 3 business days after date of receipt). The application is
only accepted via mail or courier and will not be accepted via fax or email. Using a credit card and our website, you may
file the Foreign LLC online in the time it takes to type this application. Due to volume, we are unable to search for
applictions that may or may not have been received via regular mail to provide receipts or status – if a receipt is
needed use registered mail service or a courier service. No fees are charged or deposited until the Application is
approved. If the credit card does not authorize or the check is dishonored the Application will be terminated (there is a
$30.00 NSF check fee for all returned checks). All processing instructions are complete in this form; cover letters are not
necessary and will not be reviewed.
The information completing this form must be typed or the filing will be rejected without
Faxed or emailed applications will not be acknowledged, reviewed, processed, or returned.
1. The legal name of the foreign entity as recorded in the jurisdiction in which it was formed/organized:
2. The name of the foreign entity for use in Alabama only if different from the legal name*:
*A fictitious name may be used only if the legal name is not available for use in Alabama or the name does not
contain the words “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviation “L.L.C.” or “LLC” (10A-1-5.06).
3. If a fictitious name is used the undersigned certifies the resolution of the LLC’s governing authority to adopt the
fictitious name for use in Alabama and affirms the authority to make such a certification under 10A-1-7.07.
4. A copy of the name registration received from the Office of the Alabama Secretary of State must be attached.
5. Street (No PO Boxes) Address of principal office:
Mailing Address (if different)
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6. Entity’s jurisdiction of formation:
(State or Country, if formed outside the United States, of formation)
7. Date of the entity’s formation in state/country of jurisdiction:
/ / (MM/DD/YYYY)
8. The undersigned certifies that the foreign entity exists as a valid Limited Liability Company under the laws of the
entity’s jurisdiction of formation.
9. Name of registered agent for service of process (MUST be physically located in Alabama):
10. Street (No PO Boxes) Address of initial registered office (MUST be office of registered agent and physically located
in Alabama):
Mailing Address in Alabama of registered agent/office (if different)
11. The foreign entity will begin or began transacting business in Alabama (a date must be provided
Began or Will begin doing business:
/ / (MM/DD/YYYY)
/ /
Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Typed Name and
Title of Signature Below
Signature of Person Authorized to Sign per 10A-1-4.01, Alabama Code
In order to review the sections of the Code of Alabama 1975 referred to in the filing form you may access
and click the Government Records tab. Choose the Code of Alabama link to review.
Secretary of State Payment Option Sheet: If you do not send an acknowledgement copy and a pre-
addressed postage paid envelope with the filling, you will not receive a credit card or prepaid account
receipt from the Secretary of State’s Office. Hold for pickup request – we do not offer a call for pick-up
feature - will have the receipt attached. Office personnel will not be able to search credit card or prepaid
account transactions to help you balance your accounts. Please do not use these options if you have
problems collecting receipts from your filing agents. The document of record will be stamped showing
the receipt of the filing fee and expedite fee but no copy or convenience fees.
Information completing this form, if any, MUST be typed or the filing will be returned
without review.
Entity Name:
Service Requested:
$150.00 Registration filing fee
$100.00 Expedited Processing fee (must be included with initial
filing – we will not be able to pull the filing to upgrade to
expedited processing)
Hold at Front Desk for Pick-up for:
(Service providers who run couriers for pick-up – we do not have a call for pick-up service)
Check is attached - Please make one check payable for the total amount of the fees (i.e., $250 if
you are requesting expedited service) to the Alabama Secretary of State.
Charge fees to prepaid account: Account Number
and Account Name
Typed Name & Signature of Authorized Individual on Account
Credit Card Type: (Visa, MC, Discover & AmEx)
Card Number:
Expiration Mo/Yr: / (MM/YY)
Card Holder Name:
Complete Billing Address:
Street or PO
City State Zip
Signature of Card Holder:
MUST be Signature of Card Holder