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The Pass/No Pass option encourages students to explore academic areas outside their major. A grade of P
indicates an equivalent grade of C or better, and NP is equivalent of substandard performance (equivalent
grade of D or F). While grades of P and NP do not count toward the grade point average, they do count
toward progress probation. NP does NOT mean auditing. Santa Ana College does not permit auditing.
1. Course used toward a student’s major cannot be graded on a P/NP basis except for major courses
for associate degrees for transfer, courses for which Pass/No Pass is the only grading option, and
units earned through credit by examination or assessment.
2. Most universities have a limitation on the number of courses/units that can be completed on a P/NP
option. Courses completed on P/NP may require repeating for a letter grade. Universities typically
do not accept P/NP grades in courses that meet English, Mathematics, Speech and Critical
Thinking requirements.
3. Students may elect the P/NP option for a maximum of 6 units per semester. A maximum of 12
units completed on a P/NP option is allowable for any degree program (excluding units taken as
Credit by Exam, Work Experience and specific vocational programs).
4. Pass indicates aC’ or better.
Students should carefully consider both the benefits and possible negative consequences of
exercising this option and are strongly encouraged to seek academic advice with a counselor before
electing this option. Pass/No Pass status is permanent and cannot be reversed back to a letter grade,
Petition for Exception to Academic Regulation (A and G) will not be approved.
I understand the advantages and potential disadvantages of selecting the Pass/No Pass grading option for
this course. I am electing for the Pass/No Pass grade option and I understand that I may not change
my mind at a future date.
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