Student Name: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________
Current Term: _______________
Current Anticipated Graduation Date: ____________________________________________
New Anticipated Graduation Date: ______________________________________________
Anticipated number of credits for next term: _____________________
Part-time students are not guaranteed on-campus housing. Part-time students can live
on campus if space permits them to do so. Please indicate your housing preference if
you are approved to be a part-time student:
Campus housing Off-campus
Please note: all students who return to full-time status are required to be in residence
in campus housing.
To the student: Please attach a statement addressing how part-time status will support
your academic work at Bennington. You should discuss your plans with your entire
plan committee before writing your statement.
Student’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: __________
Advisor’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: __________
Provost and Dean’s Office Action
Approved  Denied
Signature: ______________________________________________
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