P.O. Box K
Socorro, NM 87801
Parks & Recreations Department
Name of Group or Person:_______________________________________________________
City, State:____________________________________ ZIP CODE:______________________
Contact Person:_______________________________ Activity:________________________
Home Phone:______________ Busi. Phone:______________ Cell Phone:_______________
Park to be used:______________________ Area in the park used:_____________________________
Date From:____________ TO:_____________ Set up time_____________ End Time:_____________
A Deposit fee of $150.00 must be submitted with facility permit.
Check #:______________ Money Order:_______________ Cash:____________
City AGREES to: Reserve certain area at the park _________
($20.00) *per hour use.
Please Read & Initial
Approved by POLICE DEPARTMENT: __________ YES __________ NO
This Agreement must be available at the time of your function. ________ (initial)
Organization will be assessed the cost of repairs and/or replacement of damaged property
and/or equipment as determined by administration personnel. __________ (initial)
The City of Socorro will not be responsible for any injury or accident occurring during the use of
the facility. If the renter has an insurance policy, please attach to the form, if no insurance we
need liability forms signed. __________ (initial)
Group agrees to leave facility as found: _________ (initial)
Check amount of people in attendance for your function:
1 to 50________ 50-100________ 100 to 150________ 150 to More________
______________________________ _________________
User Representative Date
_____________________________ ________________
City Representative Date
1. Applicant must inform City of Socorro Parks and Recreation as to the status of
obtaining other required permits, approvals, etc.
2. All debris and trash is the responsibility of the event organizer. It must be removed
from the event site during the event. In addition, the event site must be cleaned
within twelve (12) hours after the end of the event, or no later than 11 a.m. on the
next day.
3. The City of Socorro may require on site police, first aid and/or medical services to be
provided at the expense of the applicant.
4. Bonfires and outdoor barbecues are not allowed without a permit from the Fire
5. Amplified sound shall not exceed a level of amplification permitted under the City of
Socorro municipal codes, and/or park/facility use stipulations. No sound after 10
6. The applicant shall be responsible for and hereby agrees to reimburse the City of
Socorro for any and all expenses incurred by the City of Socorro as a result of the
event, including but not limited to the following:
a. The facility and/or park rental fee and damage deposit.
b. The cost of providing, erecting and moving barricades, cones and/or signs,
tents, staging, tables, chairs, and other City of Socorro equipment as
requested and agreed upon.
c. The of removing and disposing of event waste, garbage, and trash.
d. The cost of electrical and water hook-ups and/or equipment, installation and
removal of same. (Unless a set fee has been assigned for these services
within the approved special events permits.)
e. You may be requested to have City of Socorro staff on site to provide access
to power and water and to ensure that park rules and the permit agreement
are enforced. Staffing cost may be included in rental charges.
7. NO ALCOHOL on City of Socorro property.
I understand that changes to the above detailed program require immediate notification
to the Park and Recreation Department.
I, the undersigned representative, have read the special events application and policies
and procedures contained, herein, and I am duly authorized by the event
organization/business to submit this application on its behalf. The information herein is
complete and accurate
Applicant:________________________ Signature:____________________ Date:______
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Initial the following
______ Organization will be assessed the cost of repairs and/or replacement of
damaged property and/or equipment as determined by administration personnel.
______ Deposit fee WILL NOT be returned if any of these conditions ARE NOT followed
in facility use agreement.
______ City of Socorro will not be responsible for any injury or accident occurring during
the use of the facility.
______ The sponsoring agent shall hold harmless and indemnify the City of Socorro, its
governing body, officers, employees, agents, from all claims, liabilities, obligations,
loses, and the like, asserted by any third parties arising from or caused by the
sponsoring agent negligence, misrepresentation, fraud, or any other acts. The indemnity
and hold harmless agreement shall include reimbursement of all attorney fees, cost and
expenses incurred by the City of Socorro, its governing body, officers, employees or
______ The sponsoring agent will have security personnel available for its function and
will notify the City of Socorro Police office of the event. If the event does not meet
safety for the public, the recreation department will not sign the facility use agreement.
______ As between the parties each party shall be solely responsible for any and all
liability arising from personal injury, including death or damage to property arising from
the act or failure to act of the respective party or of its officials. Agents and employees
pursuant to this agreement. The liability to the City of Socorro shall be subject to the
immunities and limitations.
______ 50 chairs will be available, if need more chairs it is the parties responsibility.