1. I have read and agree to all policies in the Parent Handbook. I understand that the Parent
Handbook may be updated on at least an annual basis, and I hereby agree to be bound by any such
updates to the Parent Handbook.
2. I authorize the staff of Casa de Corazón to use the following products with my child, as such staff
in their discretion deems necessary or appropriate:
• Cloth diapers and wipes
• Soap
• First aid supplies
3. Subject to the terms of the Parent Handbook (as amended from time to time), I give permission for
my child to walk to and/or participate in activities geared for my child, away from the child care center,
under the supervision of Casa de Corazón staff.
4. I authorize staff of Casa de Corazón to administer First Aid and CPR if necessary, and to seek
professional medical care in the case of an emergency.
5. I authorize Casa de Corazón to post my child’s photo with corresponding diet specifications and
allergies in the classroom and kitchen.
6. I authorize Casa de Corazón to share relevant information about my child with outside agencies.
In each case, parents will be notified before sharing.
7. Consistent with the terms of the Parent Handbook (see “—Privacy Policy”), I authorize Casa de
Corazón to use, copyright or publish photographs or videos taken of my child, or in which my child
appears, without restrictions or compensation of any kind. I also agree to release Casa de Corazón
from any and all liability or claims arising out of its use of such photographs or videos.
8. The Parent Contract, together with the Parent Handbook (as amended from time to time),
constitutes the entire agreement regarding the provision of child care services by Casa de Corazón.
No waiver of any provision of this Parent Contract (including the Parent Handbook, as amended from
time to time) by Casa de Corazón on any one occasion shall constitute a waiver of any other
provision, nor shall it constitute a waiver of such provision on any later occasion.
Child’s name: ______________________________________ Date of birth:____________________________
Parent / Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ________________