Owatonna Public Utilities
Partnering in Energy Solutions
Energy Efficiency Financing
OPU's Partnering in Energy Solutions Energy Efficiency Financing program allows for a significant portion of the
cost of the customer’s project to be placed directly on their OPU invoice. To apply, please complete the following.
Customer Name:
Contact Name:
Contract Account #: Phone #:
Energy Solutions Partner (ESP): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Provide a brief description of the energy conservation project: __________________________________________________________________
Estimated Actual
Project Cost $ $
Rebate $ $
Requested Financing [Cost - Rebate]
(Maximum of $25,000)
$ $
Monthly Payment
$ $
X_________________________________________ X_________________________________________
Customer Initials
Final Financed Amount- Signature Required
The customer agrees to:
Pre-approval process
Check with OPU to make sure financing funds are still available.
Allow OPU to investigate your credit history; requires a two-year payment history without delinquency.
Pay the proper administration fee (fee is required with the submission of this form).
Project’s Requested
Financing Amount
Maximum Length
Administration Fee Interest Rate
$5,000 or less
$5,001 to $25,000
Post project completion
Make monthly payments by the invoice due date. If the account receives two delinquent notices within a twelve
month period or defaults on a payment, your business will be removed from the program immediately and full
payment on the financed amount will be due.
If the business closes or files bankruptcy, the balance of the financed amount is due immediately.
Upon completion of the approved project, OPU agrees to:
Pay the project’s actual rebate(s) directly to you, the customer.
Pay the ESP for the approved financed amount. A copy of your project invoice(s) must be attached along with
the completed rebate application(s).
Hold the requested financing funds for a MAXIMUM of 90 days (the project is expected to be completed within
90 days of approval by OPU).
I have carefully reviewed, understand, and accept the above customer billing payment options and have submitted the
following: 1) administrative fee, 2) completed rebate application(s), and 3) detailed project invoice(s). If approved, I
authorize OPU to invoice my account, monthly, for the “Actual” financed amount listed above.
Customer Signature:______________________________________________________________________________________ Date:_______________________
OPU Approval Signature:________________________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________
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