Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
Oregon Cultural Trust FY2021
& Professional Development
Grant Program Guidelines & Application
Rolling Deadline: July 1, 2020 - May 30, 2021
Supporting activity taking place between: August 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
This grant progra
m is supported by the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Cultural Trust Partners.
This program has two categories:
Organizational Development maximum request $2,000
Professional Development maximum request $750
The Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program is an opportunity available to
cultural nonprofits in Oregon as well as Cultural Trust County and Tribal Cultural
Coalitions and their members. Applying organizations must have an annual operating budget
of under $1 million.
The Organizational & Professional Development Grant is a program developed by the Cultural
Trust Partners. The purpose of the program is to strengthen cultural non-profit leadership and
organizational effectiveness to better serve Oregon’s cultural community. An evaluation of
the program’s effectiveness will determine future funding. This pilot program is focused on
cultural organizations and coalitions with operating budgets under $1 million to provide access
to development opportunities not otherwise available.
Applications are accepted beginning July 1, 2020, for projects taking place between August 1,
2020 - June 30, 2021; all Cultural Trust funds must be expended during this period. Applicants
will be notified of the Cultural Trust’s decision within 30 days of receipt of the application. The
Cultural Trust reserves the right to request further information from applicants before making
funding decisions.
All eligible applications will be funded until funds are depleted. Applicants will be notified
when funds are no longer available. The Oregon Trust web site will announce when all funding
has been expended.
All decisions made by the Cultural Trust are final.
Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
Applicants must be staff members (full or part time) of organizations that meet the following
eligibility criteria or County/Tribal Cultural Coalition members.
A cultural nonprofit registered on the Cultural Trust website which is:
- a recognized 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS and
- current with all grant reporting requirements to the Cultural Trust and its funding partners
or A County/Tribal Cultural Coalition, current with all grant reporting requirements.
Organizational Development
This category supports organizational development with a maximum award of $2,000 for
capacity building through
professional consultation and/or facilitation projects.
ational Development Projects may include:
Strategic planning
Organizational branding/marketing
Board development
Audience development or marketing
Evaluating and planning to make facilities, programs and staff accessible to
individuals with disabilities
Financial management
Executive development
Transition planning
Requests of up to $2,000 may be submitted after July 1, 2020. Grant awards are limited
to $2,000 per project and one award per organization during the grant period, until
available funds are depleted.
Subsequent applications may be made for follow-up activities or additional consultation in the
following grant cycle, should this program be extended.
Funds may not be used for:
s for existing full or part-time staff of the applicant organization,
Programming and production expenses, or
Reimbursement of completed projects or activities.
Professional Development
This category supports professional development for key leaders of cultural nonprofit
organizations and Cultural Coalitions in the professional development categories listed below.
A maximum of $750 per opportunity may be requested. An organization or Coalition may
submit and receive up to two grants per during the pilot year in this category. Organizations
are eligible to submit up to two requests per application cycle, however in general
organizations may not receive more than a total of $750 from this category per cycle.
ional Development projects may include:
Travel, lodging and registration fees for relevant conferences.
Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
Learning opportunities (seminars, workshops, courses) that enhance the
knowledge, ability and contribution of an employee’s work in a cultural non-profit
or County Cultural Coalition
rant payments will only be made to an organization/Coalition, not to an individual participant
in the professional development program. Supported opportunities must be concluded by the
end of the grant activity period.
Applications for professional development opportunities must be submitted no fewer
than 45 days prior to the opportunity.
Funds may not be used for:
Stipends for artists or contractors,
Printing of marketing materials,
Programming or
Production expenses, or
Degree-bearing educational programs.
1. Complete the application PDF
2. Organizational Development request must submit the proposed consultant’s bio or
resume and short work plan including timeline
3. P
rofessional Development requests must include a letter of support from
organization’s governing leadership (executive director or board chair).
4. Email the completed application and required materials to
ili Schreiner, Oregon Cultural Trust Manager
5. Cultural Trust staff will review the application and materials and make a determination.
Staff may request additional information. Staff will notify the applicant within 30 days
of receiving the application of the decision
Aili Schreiner, Oregon Cultural Trust, Aili.Schreiner@Oregon.Gov
Final Reports:
Grant recipients must submit a final grant report within 30 days of project completion. Failure
to do so may result in loss of Cultural Trust funding eligibility in subsequent years. Projects
must be completed by the end of the grant activity period.
Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
FY2021 Oregon Cultural Trust Organizational & Professional Development
Grant Application Applicant Information
Project Contact Name:
Organization Name (Fiscal Sponsors accepted only for County Cultural Coalitions):
Federal Tax Identification Number
Executive Director or Board Leadership Name
Email Address
Web Address
Project Information
Organizational Development
Professional Development
Briefly describe the project (maximum 150 words)
If you are applying to the Organizational Development category, identify the
consultant/facilitator (attach bio).
If you are applying to the Professional Development category, identify the conference or
seminar/workshop/course you are attending (include link, if available).
Seminar Workshop
Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
1. How will implementation of the project strengthen your organization and its service to
the cultural community of Oregon? (Maximum 250 words)
2. How was it determined that this project was needed? (Maximum 250 words)
3. How
will you determine if the project has been effective in improving your
organization’s service? (Maximum 250 words)
Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
Organization & Professional Development Project Budget Form
Only list direct expenses
Description Expense
1 Project Consultant/Trainer
2 Tuition/Conference Registration
3 Contracted Services
4 Materials/Supplies
5 Materials/Supplies
6 Materials/Supplies
7 Project Evaluation
8 Travel
9 Per Diem and Lodging
10 Other
A. Total Expenses
Indicate if planned, pending or confirmed
Description Revenue
12 Applicant (Organization Cash)
13 Business/Corporate Support (source)
15 Foundation Support (source)
17 County Cultural Coalition Grant
18 Individual/Community Support
19 Other Government Support
20 City
21 County
22 State
23 Tribal
24 Other
25 Grant Amount Requested
B. Total Revenue
Projected Total Expense (A) and Revenue (B) must be equal
IN-KIND (noncash contributions and expenses)
27 In-Kind Support
28 In-Kind Expenses
Note: Please provide a budget for the project only, not the operating budget of the
$ 0
$ 0
Organizational & Professional Development Grant Program
1) The grant will be used for the purpose outlined in the grant award letter and may
not be expended for any other purpose.
(2) Information about the organization, project and outcomes of the grant may be used
by the Oregon Cultural Trust
Signature of Applicant
(For Cultural Coalitions only):
If fiscal sponsorship provided by a separate organization
Signature of Sponsoring Organization Representative
Submitting Grant Application
Please submit the application, required additional materials via email to
ATTN: Aili Schreiner, Manager
n Cultural Trust
Budget Narrative
Use this opportunity to clarify line items or provide pertinent details about the project budget
grants awarded, grants proposed or pending, type of significant in-kind donations, special
rates or agreements.
The application must be accompanied by a letter of support from the sponsoring
organization’s key executive or board leadership indicating knowledge of the activity and
expressing a willingness to receive and manage the project funds.
If awarded funds, a final report must be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the
The undersigned certifies that they are authorized to represent the organization applying for
a grant and that the information contained in this application is accurate.
The undersigned agrees that if a grant is awarded to the organization: