Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC)
Residential Service Protection Fund (RSPF)
Surcharge Exception Form
ORS 759.685 states, in relevant part, as follows:
In order to fund the programs provided in sections 2 to 6, chapter 290, Oregon Laws 1987, and ORS 759.693
to 759.698, the Public Utility Commission shall develop and implement a system for assessing a surcharge in
an amount not to exceed 35 cents per month against each paying retail subscriber who has
telecommunications service, or who has interconnected voice over internet protocol service, with access to a
telecommunications relay service. The commission shall apply the surcharge on a telecommunications circuit
designated for a particular subscriber. One subscriber line must be counted for each circuit that is capable of
generating usage on the line side of the switched network regardless of the quantity of customer premises
equipment connected to each circuit. For providers of central office based services, the surcharge must be
applied to each line that has unrestricted connection to the telecommunications relay service or, for lines that
have restricted access to the telecommunications relay service, on the basis of software design. For cellular,
wireless or other radio common carriers, the surcharge must be applied on a per instrument basis and only to
subscribers whose place of primary use, as defined and determined under 4 U.S.C. 116 to 126, is within this
Please complete this form if your company is not collecting and/or remitting the RSPF surcharge
from its telephone, cellular, or interconnected voice over internet protocol customers.
Mail or send form electronically to:
Frank Lackey, RSPF Compliance Specialist
Oregon Public Utility Commission
PO Box 1088
Salem, OR 97308-1088
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Company is not collecting and/or remitting the RSPF surcharge because:
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