Oral Reading Fluency Skills Goal Setting
Fluent Readers:
Read at an
appropriate rate
Make few
pronunciation errors
Sound like they are
talking when they
are reading
Make a plan for
figuring out
unknown words
Re-read to correct
Do not stop
frequently to ask for
Today’s Fluency Goal
I will work to improve my fluency by (circle 1-2 choices):
Reading Strategies
Taking my time and
reading at a reasonable
rate that helps me
understand the text.
Stretching the sounds in
unknown words.
Listening carefully to
feedback and focusing on
correcting my errors in the
next reading.
Asking my partner for help
if I cannot identify a word
after a couple of tries.
Using familiar word parts to
identify unknown words.
Re-reading the sentence if
I make a mistake or get
stuck on a word.
Positive Behaviors
Remaining on-task for
____% of the lesson.
Remaining calm and not
giving up when I make a
pronunciation error.
Remaining calm and
respectful when I receive
feedback on my reading.
Tracking the text with my
finger as I read.
Sitting up straight in my
chair with both feet on the
floor and my body pointed
toward the text.
Staying focused on my
goal and not worrying
about other students’
Today I (circle one) did / did not meet my goal.
I was successful today because I
Next time, I will work on