Optional Employment Application Supplement
The City of Stephenville is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity. The following information is
requested for the Human Resources Office use only in order to assist us in complying with EEOC reporting guidelines.
Because this information is VOLUNTARY and will NOT be considered for employment purposes, this page will remain
separate from your Employment Application. In addition, upon employment, this information will not be used for any
subsequent personnel decision.
Last Name: Sex: Male Female
First Name: Phone #: ( )
Address: Date of Birth:
City/State/Zip: Application Date:
Race: How did you learn about this position?
American Indian/Alaskan National TX Workforce Comm
Black Non Hispanic City Website
Hispanic Facebook
White Non Hispanic City Cable TV
Asian/Pacific Islander Other
Veteran Status:
Non Veteran
Active Duty
Note: For purposes of racial statistical tabulation, the following categories are used:
American Indian includes persons who identify themselves or are know as such by virtue of tribal
Asian Pacific Islander – includes persons of Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Filipino descent
Black – includes persons of African descent, as well as those identified as Jamaican, Trinidadian, and West
Indian descent
Hispanic – includes all persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Latin American, or Spanish descent
White – includes person of Indo-European descent, including Pakistani and East Indian persons
Other – includes Eskimos, Malayans, Thais, and others not covered above