A LIFE MEMBERSHIP is entered in the name of an individual and is in no instance transferable.
Club No.: ___________________________Date:
Club Name:
Please enroll as a Life Member:
Member No.:
City:______________________ State/Province:__________Zip/Postal Code:
Full payment enclosed ($463.80 U.S. Funds or the Canadian dollar equivalent) (10 x annual dues)
Down payment enclosed (minimum $231.90 U.S. Funds or the Canadian dollar equivalent)
Partially paid Life Member (Balance Due)
Club check enclosed
Personal check enclosed
Club will pay balance
Recipient will pay balance
If this subscription is to be treated confidentially, please indicate to whom all correspondence should be directed.
City: ___________________State/Province:______________Zip/Postal Code:
Telephone No.:
All payments, whether complete or partial, should be directed to Life Membership Department,
Optimist International, 4494 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.
In Canada, 5205, boul. Métropolitain Est, bureau 200 Montréal (Québec) Canada H1R 1Z7
At the International Convention in 1936, the enthusiasm of a few farsighted
Optimists led to the development of one of the most prestigious and helpful
programs in which any Optimist may engage...the Life Membership Plan.
At its inception, the plan was designed to provide funding for the expansion
of Optimist Club activity through development of new Clubs; while serving
as an honor to those Optimists who either chose to purchase a Life Membership
or for whom others wished to make the purchase out of respect, as recognition,
serve youth in the community.
Since, 1936, the program has grown until now there are over 21,000 Optimists
who proudly claim Life Member status and each year approximately 150 new
When a Member becomes a Life Member, it is both an investment in the future
of Optimism and an honor and privilege to the Life Member. The contribution
to Optimist International growth and development is clear, for the Life
Member Plan provides a substantial sum annually to the net monies available
for financing growth programs (both New Club and growth within Clubs).
The privilege and honor to the Life Member is found in recognition as a
one’s Club) and an exemption from the portion of the Member’s dues which
is equal to what a Club pays per Member in International dues.
Any Optimist may become a Life Member, either by self-enrollment or by
The form on the reverse may be used to enroll an Optimist as a Life Member
or to begin the process by filing the application and minimum down payment
as described. Questions relating to Life Membership may be directed to the
By becoming a Life Member an Optimist demonstrates faith in Optimist
International by prepaying a portion of his Optimist Club dues. A subscrip-
tion for Life Membership is $463.80 US or the Canadian dollar equivalent
payable in full at the time of application or with a $231.90 US or the Cana-
dian dollar equivalent down payment, the balance to be paid within two
is entered in the name of an individual and
is in no instance transferable.
Upon completion of full payment of the subscription of $463.80 US or the
Canadian dollar equivalent the subscriber becomes a Life Member and
is presented with a gold embossed Life Membership card and certificate.
The Member is then privileged to deduct $36.37 US or the Canadian dollar
equivalent from the Optimist Club’s annual dues, and the Club is privileged
to deduct $36.37 US or the Canadian dollar equivalent from the annual dues
paid to Optimist International. Any Optimist in good standing may subscribe
to a Life Membership; a Club or District may purchase a Life Membership as
an award for an individual Optimist; or a Life Membership may be purchased
The Life Member, and NOT
the Club, is responsible for assignment of Life
Member credit when a Life Member belongs to more than one Club at a time
and reward. Funding now supports numerous Optimist programs to better
Life Membership go into effect.
contributing Life Member (quite often presented in recognition of service to
enrollment as a gift from a Club, District, friend, or relative.
International Office.
for an Optimist by a spouse or family as a gift.
or changes his/her Club affiliation.
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