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Opt-out request
™Vancity Community Investment Bank is a trademark of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, used under license.
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Once completed, please mail this completed form to:
Vancity Community Investment Bank
Corporate Privacy Oce
401-183 Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6A 4G2
Opt-Out Request
These privacy choices will not aect my eligibility for products or services. By opting-out, I am opting-out for all
my Vancity Community Investment Bank™ (“VCIB”) products and services.
Check all that apply:
1. Please do not inform me of any new products or services, special promotional oers, nancial advice by:
Mail Telephone Email
2. Please do not contact me for research or surveys by:
Mail Telephone Email
3. Please do not share my personal information within the Vancity Group.
Personal Information
By opting-out, I understand that:
I will not receive information on any new products or services, special promotional oers, or nancial advice.
However, I will continue to receive account statements and various statement inserts (if applicable).
I will not be solicited for feedback on VCIB products and services.
I can change my mind on these choices at any time by notifying VCIB in writing.
This opt-out request may require up to 10 days to take eect.
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