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Event: ___________________________________________________________________________
Event Date(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Event Time(s): ____________________________________________________________________
Event Location/Address: ___________________________________________________________
Vendor Information
Applicant's Name: ________________________________________________________________
Applicant's Phone Number: ________________________________________________________
Applicant's Email Address: _________________________________________________________
Company/Business Name: _________________________________________________________
Company/Business Address: _______________________________________________________
Company/Business Event Day Contact Name: _________________________________________
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Description of Operation
Cooking in a Trailer/Mobile Van/Food Truck
(Mobile Food Unit) Yes No
(Complete Fire Extinguisher ”K” & Fire Suppression System)
Cooking on/in Griddle, Fryer (deep fat), Stove Yes No
(Complete Fire Extinguisher ”K”)
Cooking on Grill Yes No
(Complete Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical)
Cooking on/in Steamer Yes No
(With Propane - Complete Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical)
Any other Open Flame used Yes No
(Complete Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical)
Sales of Food/Drink items Only Yes No
License Plate of Trailer/Mobile Van/Food Truck(MFU) __________________________
Fire Extinguishers
Class "K" Type Fire Extinguisher Required for all Cooking with grease laden vapors.
2A10 BC - 5lb Dry Chemical Type Fire Extinguisher Required for all other open flames.
Date of Last Service for Class “K”: _____________ Date of Last Service for Dry Chemical: __________
Fire Suppression System (Ansul System)
Trailers/mobile vans/Food Trucks that produce grease-laden vapors shall have a fire suppression system over the cooking area.
Date of Last Service for Fire Suppression System: __________________________________________
Mail or Hand Deliver (Address Below) your completed application to your Event Producer fifteen (15)
day's prior to your scheduled event.
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________