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Ontario Building Code
Part 11 renovation of existing
Project address
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Ontario Building Code references
Item 11.1 existing building classification
Describe existing use 11.2.1.:
Existing occupancy:
Proposed occupancy:
Hazard Index (proposed) T - to N:
Hazard Index (existing) T - to N:
Construction Index (existing) T -
Existing number of stories:
Existing building area:
not applicable (no change of major occupancy)
Item 11.2 alteration to existing building
Select one of the options listed below: basic renovation extensive renovation
Page 2 of 2 change of use renovation
11.3 Reduction in performance level structural: no yes (explain): by increase in occupant load: no ye by change in major occupancy: no yes (explain):
s (explain): plumbing: no yes (explain): sewage system: no yes (explain):
other: no yes (explain):
11.4 Compensating construction structural: no yes (explain):
yes (explain): by increase in occupant load: no yes (explain): by change in major occupancy: no yes (explain): plumbing:
no sewage system: no yes (explain):
11.5.1 Compliance alternatives proposed
no yes (give numbers):
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