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Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program
(OBPAP) 2020/21 Instructions and Application
The Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) is a one-time Bursary of up to $5000 available to
internationally trained professionals with financial need, to cover direct education costs including tuition, books and
equipment costs (subject to availability of Ministry funding).
The Bursary is available to students with financial need who are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Protected
Persons and who have resided in Ontario for at least 12 months and are enrolled in a Bridging program for 2020/21.
Eligible programs include:
Medical Laboratory Sciences Bridging Program; or
Radiological Technology Bridging Program.
OBPAP Applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by:
September 15 for the Fall term; or
January 15 for the Winter term.
Students must be registered and have paid their tuition to be eligible.
Students will be notified of the status of their OBPAP application via email, and if approved, will be Instructed when to
pick up their cheque at the Finance office on the 6
Documentation Requirements
Submit photocopies of the following supporting documentation with your application:
Proof of Marital Status Copy of Marriage Certificate, Divorce Papers, etc.
Proof of Residency Copy of Permanent Residence Card, or proof of Protected Person Status
Proof of Income
Government Income Copy of 3 most recent cheque stubs for Ontario Works, EI, ODSP, etc.
Employment Income 2019 Notice of Assessment (NOA) for you and your spouse (if applicable),
OR if no NOA (provide explanation) three most recent pay stubs.
Proof of Expenses
Housing Costs Rent Receipts, Mortgage statements
Utilities Copy of Utility bills (one-page summary showing total bill)
Childcare costs Childcare receipts
Please Note:
If any information and/or documentation are missing, applicants will be contacted via the email address on file with
Michener and will have five business days to respond or the Application will be denied.
OBPAPApplicationForm2020 2 30-Mar-20
OBPAP Bursary Application Form
Registrar’s Office
Bridging Program
222 St. Patrick Street Toronto, ON M5T 1V4,
regoffice@michener.ca 1 (416) 596-3117 or 1 (800) 387-9066
The Michener Institute of Education at UHN awards (pending availability of funds), the Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance
Program (OBPAP) based on the assessment of demonstrated financial need (considering student and parent/partner income,
number of dependents in the family, assets, including savings and immediate living expenses).
Funding is not confirmed for 2020/21 at this time.
Bursary Eligibility Requirements
Student must:
Be currently enrolled or accepted into a Bridging Program; and
Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person and a resident of Ontario.
Note: All supporting documentation must be submitted with this Application.
Personal Information
Last Name
First Name
Middle Name or Initial
Marital Status
[ ] Single [ ] Married/Common Law [ ] Separated/ Divorced/ Widowed
Number of Dependents:
Age of Dependents:
Citizenship Status [ ] Canadian Citizen [ ] Permanent Resident [ ] Protected Person (with valid PPSD)
Contact Information
Street Address
Postal Code
Email Address
Bridging Programs :
[ ] Medical Laboratory Science (BPML800) [ ] Radiological Technology (BPRA800)
Authorization and Declaration
Complete all sections of each page of this application and submit this signed form with all supporting documents in hardcopy form in a sealed
envelope to the Financial Aid Officer (FAO) in the Registrar’s Office prior to June 15 (Fall semester) and September 30 (Winter semester).
I certify that the information contained herein and in the supporting documents is true, correct and complete. Any misrepresentation or
falsification of information contained within this application may result in the cancellation of my application and/or award, the requirement to
repay an award and disciplinary action. The information on this form is collected under the authority of the Michener Institute of Education at
UHN and will be protected and used in compliance with the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F.31. I
authorize the release of my personal information to The Michener Institute of Education at UHN’s Registrar’s Office and Finance administration
for the purposes of determining my eligibility for an OBPAP Bursary: Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.
________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________
Student Signature Date
Date Received
Office Use Only
Student ID
OBPAPApplicationForm2020 3 30-Mar-20
Financial Resources and Expenses
Provide a summary of monthly expenses below and gross family income for the previous calendar year below. The chart below
illustrates the maximum combined annual income eligibility bracket per specified family size to be considered for OBPAP funding.
The participant, and where applicable their spouse (married or common law) and any other income earners in the household must
be included. A dependent participant living at home must provide proof of their parents’ income.
Note: All supporting documents must accompany this application. Retain a copy for your records.
Monthly Expenses
Residence (Mortgage/Rent)*
Utilities (include Telephone, Internet,
Food/Personal Care
Child Care*
Other (Provide Proof): _________
Monthly Total Expenses:
*Attach proof
Please note that debts are note considered a monthly
Gross Family Income and Government Benefits*
(earned in prior calendar year)
Family Income per 2019 NOA *:
*2019 Notice of Assessment must be submitted
*If you do not have an NOA for 2019, please submit three of your latest
pay stubs and provide a reason why you do not have an NOA in the
space below.
Government Income**:
**Should reflect any EI, ODSP or OW submissions
Eligibility Questions
Have you previously enrolled and completed an eligible Bridge training program?
Do you currently live in Ontario? If no, you are not eligible for an OBPAP bursary.
Date of arrival in Canada:
Additional Comments:
Gross Monthly Income: __________________ Gross Monthly Expenses: __________________
Financial Need Y [ ] N [ ] Amount of Award: ____________________
Processed By: ____________________________ Date: ________________________