Official/Formal Quality Matters Review Process
Review Submission: (1-4 weeks)
1. Instructor (or Instructional Designer or Canvas Admin) copies the course to a sandbox. Courses
connected to Banner will not be reviewed. Courses must be copied to a sandbox.
2. Instructor updates or deletes all Available From and Until dates to ensure the reviewer has access to
course assessments.
3. If using a 3rd party site that requires login information, the instructor contacts the publisher (or
software) representative to request login information for the reviewers.
4. Course Representative (Instructor or Instructional Designer) submits a request for an Official/Formal
QM Review to both UAB QM Coordinators, Samira Laouzai ( and Randi Kirkland
5. QM Coordinator emails the Official/Formal QM Review Form to the Course Representative.
6. Course Representative completes and emails the Official/Formal QM Review Form to the QM
7. QM Coordinator submits and processes a Course Review Application in MyQM.
8. QM sends the Course Worksheet to the Course Representative.
9. Course Representative completes and submits the Course Worksheet in MyQM.
10. QM Coordinator reviews and approves the Course Worksheet. Note: The QM Coordinator will contact
the Course Representative if additional information is needed prior to approving the Course
11. QM Coordinator selects the QM Review Team (one (1) External Reviewer, at least one (1) Subject
Matter Expert (SME), one (1) Master Reviewer/Chair).
Pre-Review: (1 week)
1. QM Coordinator provides course information & login information to the Master Reviewer/Chair.
2. Master Reviewer/Chair schedules Pre-Review call with the Review Team.
3. Mandatory Pre-Review conference call held with QM Reviewers and Course Representative.
Active Review: (3-4 weeks)
1. Reviewers actively review the course submit scores and recommendations/feedback in MyQM.
2. Chair corresponds with Course Representative if any questions arise during the review.
Please Note:
Since many of the Quality Matters specific standards assess alignment with the learning objectives, a
review cannot be completed if measurable course and module objectives are not present. If the course
objectives are mandated by the school and cannot be changed by the instructor, the module objectives
will be used for the review. If the module objectives are also not measurable, the review will be
suspended until the objectives have been revised. QM defines measurable course objectives as those
that “precisely and clearly describe what learners will learn and be able to do if they successfully
complete the course. Course objectives or competencies describe desired learner mastery using terms
that are specific and observable enough to be measured by the instructor.” Learning objectives begin
with an action verb and complete the sentence, “Upon completion of this course (or module, for
module objectives), the students will be able to…”
The course is to be reviewed in the state it is in when submitted. There should be no changes to the
course shell during the review. Changes should not occur until feedback is provided to the instructor
at the conclusion of the review. The Reviewers will not make changes in the course.
1. Mandatory Post-Review conference call held QM Reviewers only (not the Course Representative).
QM notifies the Course Representative of the decision
Meets or Does Not Meet Expectations.
a. If course meets expectations: (1 week)
i. QM provides an image to be added to the course indicating that the course is QM
ii. The QM Coordinator provides statement for Course Representative to add to the
course Syllabus and/or Getting Started/Start Here module to provide an explanation
for the students of what it means for a course to be QM Certified.
iii. Course Representative accesses Final Report by logging into the Course Review
Management System (CRMS).
iv. Course Representative submits the Review Outcome Response Form indicating that
he/she has been informed that the course met QM Standards.
v. QM Coordinator notifies Associate Dean and Department/Program Chair that the
course has been QM Certified.
vi. Course recognized on QM and eLearning websites.
b. If course does not yet meet expectations: (Up to 14 weeks)
i. Course Representative submits the Review Outcome Response Form indicating
he/she has been informed that the course does not meet QM Standards.
ii. Instructor (and/or ID) make changes to the course.
iii. Course Representative edits the Amendment Form once changes have been made.
iv. Chair approves revisions and responds to the Course Representative.
v. QM notifies Course Representative that the course is certified.
vi. See steps i.-iv. above.
Formal/Official Quality Matters Review
To submit the course for a formal/official QM Review, please provide the following information:
Instructor Name:
Instructor Email:
Course Prefix and Number (i.e. Univ 101):
Course Name:
Brief Course Description:
Course Subject:
7. Course S
andbox URL (Login to Canvas and access the sandbox course you are submitting for review. Copy the
web address from the browser’s address bar at the top of the page). The Canvas course shell used must be a
sandbox course and not a course shell that does, has, or will have UAB students enrolled. Upon completion of
the review, the course content can be copied to the course shell where students will be enrolled. If you need a
sandbox course shell, please contact your school/college Canvas Administrator
or the UAB Canvas
Administrator, Tyler Weldon (
Course URL:
Note: Course shell and all course content must be published. All assessments must be available and open. If
there are “Available From” and/or “Until Date”, assessments must remain open for at least 20 weeks from the
date of the submission of this form.
8. Access to additional content: If an access code or login information is required to access publisher or other
third-party content (McGraw-Hill Connect, Cengage MindTap, etc.), please provide access instructions and
Access to exams: If an access code is needed for the assessment(s), please provide the code(s) and the
name(s) of the assessment(s) below.
9. Course Format (select one):
10. Also, indicate if you agree to do the following:
Provide access to the course named above and its associated materials to selected trained peer
reviewers. (Course does not have to be active at the time of the review.)
Complete the Course Worksheet to provide supplemental information to the review team.
Communicate with the review team as needed regarding the course in review.
Return completed Review Outcome Response Form after receipt of the review Final Report.
Approved Use of QM Certification Mark: If/when the course earns QM certification, the
certification mark will only be displayed on the course that earned recognition. Instructions
will be provided regarding standards
for display. It will not be copied to another instructor or
used at another university. If the approved course is copied to another instructor or used at
another university, the QM certification mark must be removed unless permission is granted
from QM to use on a subsequent course.
I agree
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Click or tap here to enter the sandbox course URL.
Click or tap here to enter access information.
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10. Department/Program Chair Name:
(To be emailed only when the course is QM Certified.)
Department/Program Chair Email:
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