Office of Student Housing
2020-2021 Application Packet
Thank you for your i
nterest in student housing as a living option during your studies at Gogebic Community College. Living on
campus provides many benefits to students, primarily providing a safe living space conveniently located right on campus. In addition
to the personal accommodations, students also share housing with many other students, creating an academically and socially
engaging atmosphere. To reserve your space in the GCC student housing option, the Campus Suites, please review and follow the
checklist outlined below. You may keep this page for your records and later review.
- Complete and submit the Campus Suites Application.
o The application, provided with this checklist, needs to be filled out completely as the answers help the office to
place residents and to communicate those placements.
o Return the application, either by mail or in person, to the Office of Student Housing along with the $25.00 non-
refundable application fee.
- Complete and submit the Campus Suites Contract.
o The contract will either be mailed to the address listed on your application once it is submitted or will be included
in your application packet. Return the signed contract to the Office of Student Housing. Please be sure to
thoroughly review the content of the contract before signing.
o Submit the $200.00 security deposit payment. The contract is not complete and a space will not be reserved until
this payment is received. Once a student moves in to student housing, the security deposit converts to a
refundable damage deposit.
o Please note that once you sign and submit the Campus Suites Contract, you will be billed for housing f
or the entire
academic year unless you cancel your contract prior to moving in to the Campus Suites or until you receive
approval on a Contract Release Request. Rent must be paid prior to moving in to the Campus Suites.
- Wait for notification regarding your housing assignment.
o Once your application materials are received in full, a housing assignment will be made. Confirmation of your
assignment will be mailed to the address listed on your application. As we have a limited number of spaces in the
Campus Suites, reservations will not be made until a student has submitted a completed application, a $25.00
application fee payment, a signed contract, and a $200.00 security deposit payment. It is recommended that the
application, contract, and correlating payments are submitted to the Office of Student Housing no later than
NOV 31, 2020 for Spring and JULY 1, 2020 for Fall Semesters. Applications will still be accepted after that point but
reservations will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
o Contact information for your assigned roommates and suitemates will be included in your housing assignment
when possible. If you want your contact information to be shared with your roommate or suitemates, please be
sure to indicate such on the designated space in the Campus Suites Application.
o As applications are received throughout the summer, the Office of Student Housing may need to make changes to
your housing assignment after it has been made. You will be notified of these changes should they arise.
Don’t forget to
- Apply for adm
ission to Gogebic Community College, attend Orientation, and register for classes. To be eligible for student
housing at GCC, you must be an admitted student and registered for 12 or more credits at the school. If you have any
questions about your admissions status, please connect with our Admissions Office at 1-800-682-5910, ext. 207.
- Complete your Financial Aid paperwork for 2020-2021. Please review the checklist
( for more information and ensure you are applying for the 2020-2021 academic
year. If you have any questions about financial aid, please connect with our Financial Aid Office at: 1-800-682-5910, ext.
For more information on student housing and living on campus, please check out our website or our Facebook page.
If you have any questions or would like to talk further about student housing options at Gogebic Community
College, please feel free to the Office of Student Housing at 1-800-682-5910 Ext. 268.
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Gogebic Community College | Campus Suites Application | 2020-2021
Answer the following questions carefully since they will provide important information that will aid us in determining your room assignment.
Although first choices and preferences are not guaranteed, a great effort will be made to provide an environment closely related to your needs.
____Name: ______________________________________ ________________________ __________ __________________
(Last) (First) (Middle) (Student ID#)
Permanent Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________
____________________________________________________ ___________________________ _________________
(City) (State) (Zip)
Phone: ___________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________
Gender: _______ Program of Study:_____________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________ Age: ____________
In which semester(s) are you interested in student housing? _____Fall/August 2020 _____ Spring/Jan. 2021_____Both
Are you a Student Athlete? _____ Yes _____No Are you signed to a current letter of intent? _____Yes _____No
Have you ever been convicted of an Assaultive Crime, Drug Crime, or Felony and/or do you have Pending Criminal Charges
For and Assaultive Crime, Drug Crime, or Felony?
Emergency Contact Information:
Name: ______________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Relationship: _______________
In the event of an emergency, I hereby give permission to Gogebic Community College and its representatives to share information, both written and verbal, with the
above mentioned party regarding my condition and location.
Missing Person Contact Information (If different than Emergency Contact Information):
Name: ______________________________________ Phone: ______________________Relationship: _______________
“Missing” is defined as when a person has not been seen or made any contact with another person and the person’s location is unknown and unexplainable for a
period of time that is regarded by knowledgeable parties as highly unusual or suspicious concerning the person’s usual pattern of behavior, plan, or routines. Gogebic
Community College defines the time as 24 hours or more. In the event I should go missing I give Gogebic Community College permission to notify the above
mentioned party.
($2400 Per Semester)($1900 Per Semester) *Single_Room occupancy preference: Double ____ ____
*Single rooms are not guaranteed even when selected. Single rooms are available only if occupancy demand allows.
Please share any Pre-existing Medical Condition or accommodation you need. This information will help us meet your specific housing needs.
Special needs and other accommodations must be requested by July 1
I understand that acceptance of this application does not constitute a guarantee of housing, nor is it to be interpreted as academic admission to
the college. A separate Application for Admission to the college must be received by the Admissions Office.
________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________
Signature of Applicant Date
Gogebic Community College complies with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal opportunity. The college does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status, disability, or political affiliation or belief.
Name: _______
_____________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________________
If you have preference for roommates, indicate roommate name(s): __________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
*Please release my contact information to: Roommate_____ Suitemate______
Please indicate which contact information you would like released: Email_____ phone_____
*This release of contact information is used for residents to communicate before moving in the Campus Suites. For instance, who is
bringing a television, microwave, etc.
Approximately what time do you go to sleep on weeknights? ___________ Weekends? ______________
Music Preferences: _______________________________ Hobbies/Interests: ________________________________________
At what volume do you typically listen to music? Quiet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Loud
How often do you like to socialize? Some 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Always
How neat do you like to keep your room? Messy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Neat
Would you prefer your roommate to have the same academic interests? Yes Doesn’t Matter No
I like to go out with friends at night: Weeknights and Weekends Week-ends Only Hardly ever or Never
I prefer to study: Outside my room (i.e. library) Quietly in my room With music, TV, etc. in my room
College Policy:
Campus Suites is alcohol/drug free, regardless of resident(s) or guest(s) age.
Complete and return this form to:
Office of Student Housing
Gogebic Community College
E4946 Jackson Road Ironwood, MI 49938
2020-2021 Campus Suites Contract
This contract becomes a binding legal document when you (or your parent or guardian if you are under 18) signs it and it is accepted
by the Office of
Student Housing at Gogebic Community College. Read it carefully so you understand its provisions thoroughly. You
will be responsible for all policies in this contract, the Student Housing Handbook, and the Gogebic Community College catalog.
Contact the Office of Student Housing at (906) 932-4231 if you have any questions.
Only those who are officially enrolled as full-time Gogebic Community College students in on-campus courses that are currently in
session may reside in the Campus Suites. Students less than full-time who wish to reside on-campus must petition the Office of
Residential Life for special consideration. Students who cancel their registration or withdraw must vacate their room within 48
hours of their cancellation. Eligibility can also be affected if a student has a felony conviction. Students who have been convicted of
a felony must report the nature of the offense to the Manager of Campus Suites at the time of application, or immediately upon
conviction if during the period of contract. Eligibility to live in the Campus Suites for a convicted felon would then be determined at
the discretion of the college administration.
Non-Discrimination Statement
Gogebic Community College Office of Student Housing does not discriminate in room or suite assignments on the basis of race,
color, age, gender, disability, height, weight, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, religion, or veteran’s status, or any
other category protected by law.
Period of Contract
Room assignments are made on a full academic year basis. Residents may move in on the dates listed with their housing
assignment information. The Campus Suites will be open by request and through prior individual arrangement during holiday
breaks and during Spring break. Students will be notified of the final year-end closing dates of the Campus Suites. Individuals
who vacate assigned rooms without written consent of the Manager of Campus Suites will be responsible for all charges for the
entire academic year.
Condition of Residence
Efforts will be made to meet the room assignment choices which are indicated on a student’s application. However, Gogebic
Community College reserves the right to make assignments in accordance with the availability of space and at the discretion of the
Manager of Campus Suites. Room changes may be granted at the discretion of the Manager of Campus Suites. Gogebic Community
College reserves the right to cancel room reservations if the room is unoccupied by the first day of scheduled classes in each session.
Gogebic Community College reserves the right to inspect rooms for maintenance, health, or safety reasons. The College affirms its
respect for each resident’s right to privacy in his/her room and agrees to make a reasonable effort to give at least 24-hour notice
prior to making routine inspections for damages and cleanliness. The College regards room entry for purposes of improvements,
maintenance, cleaning, and recovery of unauthorized College-owned property, and fire and safety inspections as necessary for the
health and general welfare of all residents. Therefore, I agree that entry is authorized for these purposes. I also agree that my
request for maintenance service will constitute authorization to enter my room for such maintenance without further notice. Except
as indicated in this section, the College agrees that entry without notice will be made only in emergencies to protect or ensure
protection of life, limb, or property. I understand that I am responsible for and agree to pay Gogebic Community College for any
damages to my assigned room/suite and for any damage caused by me to Campus Suites building.
The Campus Suites Contract may not be assigned or sold. Subletting of rooms or space within them is prohibited. Conducting
businesses within rooms or halls is prohibited. Guests of residents are permitted to remain overnight in accordance with Gogebic
Community College’s Guest Policy (see Campus Suites Handbook). Gogebic Community College and its employees are not
responsible for damage, loss, or theft of a student’s personal property. Students are strongly encouraged to have personal property
Check-in Procedures
When you check into your room, you must review and complete an inventory of furnishings and room condition form. This form is
very important because it assures that you will not be charged for missing items or for damages caused by previous occupants.
Room keys will be issued through the Manager of Campus Suites
only after a student has completed a room condition form.
Check-out Procedures
At the time you vacate your room, you are required to complete a final room condition form indicating the contents and condition of
your room. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the prepaid room deposit. If you fail to return your room, mailbox and/or
outside door keys, a processing charge and a replacement charge will be added to your student account. Students are responsible
for the condition of their rooms and any damages that take place between check-in and check-out.
Consolidation Procedures
If your four-person unit is not full, you will, at the college’s discretion, be required to consolidate with another four-person unit.
Complete consolidation responsibilities and procedures are contained in the Campus Suites Handbook.
Additional Charges
You may be held accountable and be charged for common area damages which cannot be attributed to specific individuals such as,
but not limited to: damages or stolen furniture or building equipment, additional cleaning due to excessive trash or personal items
in common areas, and broken windows.
Rules and Regulations
Each resident, by virtue of this contract, agrees to abide by all relevant federal, state, and local laws as well as the rules and
regulations of Gogebic Community College as stated in the
Campus Suites Handbook. A copy of the Campus Suites Handbook is
available online at, and a hard copy will be provided for each resident upon move-in. Further, each resident can be held
responsible for any and all behavior or activities within his/her assigned room or the common areas of the Campus Suites. Violation
of rules and regulations will result in action being taken by Gogebic Community College, varying from issuance of a warning to
seeking prosecution in criminal court, depending upon the nature and severity of the violation. Gogebic Community College
reserves the right to cancel your housing contract and to require you to move out of your suite if you commit a serious
policy violation, continue to commit minor violations, or show a serious lack of respect for others in the Campus Suites. Any
student dismissed from housing for behavioral reasons is still responsible for full year housing rental charges.
A room reservation will be confirmed in writing upon receipt of: 1) completed housing application and application fee, 2) signed
Campus Suites Contract, 3) $200 room deposit, and 4) an account in good standing with the Business Office. If the student seeks
cancellation of housing after a room deposit has been received and after a room assignment has been made, the room deposit
cannot be refunded. At the beginning of the contract period, the room deposit will be converted to a damage deposit and held
during the academic year. At the conclusion of the contract period, if the student is not returning to the Campus Suites, the student
will have their damage deposit credited to their account in the Business Office, provided that they meet the requirements as
outlined in the Student Handbook (i.e. proper check-out, damages, etc.).
The room rate for one student in a four-person unit in the Campus Suites for the 2020-2021 academic year is $3,800.00. Rates for
renting additional space are available through the Office of Student Housing. Students are billed by the Business Office and payment
of rental must be paid in full before checking into the Campus Suites. If a student cancels registration or withdraws, refunds of rent
paid are as stipulated in the Gogebic Community College catalog. If a student remains in the Campus Suites after the student
withdraws from classes, the student will be billed for those additional days in residence.
Any action that is intended to annoy, threaten, alarm, or harm any other member of the Campus Suites community is considered a
serious breach of the housing contract and will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment, racial insults, sexist insults, and any remark
be it verbal, written, or gesture intended to degrade, intimidate, insult, or embarrass another resident will be grounds for eviction
without refund!
I have thoroughly read
the policies, rules, regulations and requirements contained in this contract and agree to comply
with them and other such rules and regulations as may be instituted by Gogebic Community College during the course
of this contract. In particular, I understand that this contract is for a room in the Campus Suites for the entire academic
year consisting of Fall and Spring terms, subject only to the Campus Suites refund policies as stated in the Gogebic
Community College Campus Suites Handbook. My signature below acknowledges that I have thoroughly read the
policies, rules, regulations, and requirements contained in this contract and understand and agree to comply with them
including the terms and conditions of the Campus Suites Handbook, which are incorporated herein by reference. I agree to
make myself aware of and abide by my rights and responsibilities under the applicable rules, regulations, ordinances
and procedures established by the college community and any other such rules or regulations as may be instituted by
Gogebic Community College during the course of this contract. They are also incorporated by reference under this housing
contract. I agree to comply with all local, state and federal laws. I agree to be responsible for and pay to Gogebic
Community College all applicable housing fees and other charges assessed under this Housing Contract. I understand that my
Housing Contract will be in effect for the entire academic year. I understand that if I want to cancel this Housing Contract I will
incur financial obligations and be responsible for fees arising from my breach of this housing contract. I warrant that all of the
information provided in this Housing Contract is true and I acknowledge that if any information provided is false Gogebic
Community College may terminate this housing contract.
I understand and agree that my electronic signature and submission of this form will act as my signature and will be valid
and binding.
The provisions of this contract must be either accepted as written or rejected. Any alterations, deletions, additions, etc., will
be disregarded, and the contract, when signed and accepted, will be binding on both parties as originally written.
Last First Middle
Student’s Signature Date
Student I.D. Number
Parent/Guardian’s Signature
(If student is under 18 years of age)
Complete and return this form with your $200 security deposit to:
Office of Student Housing
Gogebic Community College
E4946 Jackson Road Ironwood, MI 49938
*All Steps must be completed prior to moving in to the Campus Suites.
1. Apply for admi
ssion to Gogebic Community College
2. (A) File yo
ur FAFSA if needed
(B) Complete Financial Aid Paperwork if needed
(C) Self pay if needed
3. Register for classes.
4. Fill out and sign the Campus Suites application, Roommate
Compatibility Form and your Signed Campus Suites Contract.
5. Send Campus Suites application, $25 application fee, $200
security deposit and signed Campus Suites contract to GCC.
6. Receive roo
m confirmation and assignment letter.
7. Pay rent in
*When all st
eps are completed you are ready to move in on the assigned move in days.
Admissions ext. 207
Business Office ext. 205
Financial Aid ext. 206
Housing ext. 268