OSP 3/19/2012
Touro College
Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
Research Fund
Proposal Synopsis Form
PI Name
Phone #
Graduate Division
Jewish Studies
Social Work
Health Sciences
Undergraduate Division
Lander College of Arts & Sciences
Lander College for Men
Lander College for Women
New York School of Career & Applied Studies
School of Health Sciences
Touro College Berlin
Touro College Israel
Touro College Los Angeles
Touro College South
Osteopathic Medicine
Machon L’Parnasa-IPS
The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Project Title
Funds Requested
* Attach Budget & Proposal Narrative (not to exceed four
Approval Certifications:
Principal Investigator: I certify that the above information is true, accurate and complete as of this date. I
accept full responsibility for the conduct of this project and for adhering to all provisions required by the
sponsoring agency and Touro College.
I hereby certify that no conflict of interest is posed by my
undertaking this project if it is selected for funding.
A potential conflict of interest does exist. Please
contact OSP immediately.
Principal Investigator Signature, Printed Name, and Date
Department Program Chair: (If required) The attached application is approved. It is within the total program
and academic objectives of the Department. Adequate space is available or planned for the conduct of this
project. The time allocations described therein are realistic.
Department Chair Signature, Printed Name, and Date
Dean of School: The proposed project application is approved. If matching funds/cost sharing is required I
will be responsible for assuring that the necessary resources are made available. The information contained
on this form is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Dean Signature, Printed Name, and Date