ORA-00-08 PI Proposal Pre-Review Checklist, Apr2019 Page 1
Office of Research Administration
PI instructions: Discuss this form with your Chair/Dean in advance of proposal preparation so you know whether the
proposal needs review by the Director(s) of Research. If review is required, please submit this completed form to your
ORA Sr. Grants Coordinator three (3) weeks prior to the due date with a draft budget, budget justification, summary
scope of work (or draft abstract), and rationale for exception. Please read carefully and answer each question below.
Yes No
Yes No
1. Does the proposal require cost-sharing or matching funds?
See Cost-share explained, including academic year time and tuition.
If yes, PI is required to submit the completed Cost-Share Institutional-Approvals Form,
with the full proposal, on or before the proposal submission deadline.
2. Does the proposal’s funding source allow academic year salary, full IDC, and tuition
OR appear in the pre-approved sponsors list below?
Akron Community Foundation
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
American Chem. Soc. Petroleum Res.
Fund (ACS-PRF)
National Geographic Society
American Heart Association (AHA)
Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR)
American Assoc. of Anatomists
Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Ohio Sea Grant Program
Burton D. Morgan Foundation
Ohio Soybean Council/United Soybean Board
Cleveland Foundation
Peg’s Foundation (formerly Margaret Clark
Morgan Foundation)
GAR Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Keck Foundation
Sloan Foundation
James L. and John S. Knight Foundation
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Any agency for which the proposal total budget is under $40,000 and the budget
requests 2:1 buyout salary for the PI or Co-PI(s) (if salary is requested)
Even though an agency is on the pre-approved list, the proposal budget is expected to include the items (IDC, Academic
Year (Buyout) Salary, and Tuition) required by the Externally Funded Proposal Submissions policy that the agency
allows. Sponsor costs that are unallowable are not to be budgeted or cost-shared.
If your agency is not on this list, then you must apply the checklist below to determine if the proposal must be reviewed.
The pre-approved list is based on the current practices of each agency as of March 2019 and are subject to review if the
agency changes (or if the agency has a new program that doesn’t follow the agency’s standard practices).
If the answer
to #2 is yes, here. This proposal may be submitted through the ORA without further review.
If the an
swer to #2 above is no, all of the following questions must be answered.
Answering No to any of the following questions requires pre-proposal review.
Submit this completed checklist and its required attachments three weeks prior to the sponsor’s due date.
3. Does the proposal include IDC greater or equal to the rate required for the Yes No
class of proposal?
IDC rates by Proposal Class (See IDC Rates)
52% Research: infrastr+admin
10% Training, IUCRC
35% Service: admin
8% US Dept of Ed & HRSA
35% Testing: admin+infrastr
0% Equipment, gifts, fellowships
26% off campus, CIGA
ORA-00-08 PI Proposal Pre-Review Checklist, Apr2019 Page 2
Yes No
Yes No
4. Does the proposal budget include $5,000 partial tuition per year/per student
of tuition waiver for graduate or undergraduate students on assistantships?
Proportional tuition is acceptable, i.e., ½ GA = $2,500.
5. Does the budget include salary for the PI and Co-PI(s)?
Usually this is summer salary. In rare cases, an academic year stipend may be paid to
the PI and is considered the same as summer salary for buyout requirements.
5a. If yes, does the proposal budget include $1 of buyout salary for every $2 of PI/
Yes No
Co-PI salary?
PI Name: __
_______________________________________________________ Proposal Due date: _________________
and RFP#:
If flow-throu
gh funding:
and RFP#:
For RFP(s), URL is preferred if available.
The following items are included:
_____ this completed PI Proposal Review Checklist;
_____ draft budget and budget justification, including cost share information;
_____ summary of scope of work or draft of abstract; and
_____ rationale for why the proposal should be allowed to go forward to the funding agency as an exception to UA
rules for funded research and other sponsored programs.
Examples of points for rationale that may be relevant in a request for an exception include:
Funds from other UA accounts may offset missing IDC or tuition or buyout salary
Significant Broader Impacts of the proposed research
Potential for IP and patents to be generated
Exceptional engagement of undergraduate or graduate students in research
Special circumstances that make the project extraordinarily valuable to UA (e.g., untenured
faculty member, unusual research area, long term prospects, multidisciplinary project)
This chec
klist accompanies Externally Funded Proposal Submissions Policy: (See
ORA-00-08 Externally Funded Proposal
Submission Policy)
For all new proposals, for every two dollars allocated to PI (or co-PI) salary (any salary, summer or otherwise), one
dollar is required to be allocated to academic year (“buyout”) salary.
Every new proposal (a) with less than full IDC, or (b) that does not include tuition of $5,000 per student per year, or
(c) that does not include academic year (buyout) salary will be reviewed by the Exec. VP/Chief Academic Officer or
Director(s) of Research. Based on management and budget decisions, the proposal may or may not be allowed to
be submitted.