Office of Research Administration
This form is to be used to request an account when there is preliminary indication that an award will be
forthcoming, but prior to official award notification . The PI completes the form and it is signed by the PI
and the individual with authority to commit funds from an alternate account, should the award not be
received. Submit the form to ORA. If approved, ORA will initiate account set-up.
ipal Investigator: ________________________________________________________________
Funding Agency: ________________________________________________________________
Project Title: ________________________________________________________________
Anticipated effective date of award*: _____________ Anticipated first year award: $_____________
*If the effective award date is later than anticipated any costs incurred before the effective date, or more
than 90 days prior to effective date (for Federal awards that allow pre-award costs), must be covered by the
account identified below.
Submit with this request: 1) A copy of any preliminary notification from an individual at the funding
agency who is authorized to make the award (email, scan, hard copy, etc.)
2) The first year project budget
Reason for request (identify the budget items that need to be processed & the amount of each):
The ___________________________________________ will assume financial responsibility for expenses
incurred if this grant project is not funded by the external agency or if these expenses are not reimbursable.
If an award is not forthcoming, this account will be closed and all charges will be transferred to the UA
account listed below.
Principal Investigator Date
Account Holder Date
If personnel forms are processed based on this pre-award approval, only the period prior to the expiration
date below may be charged to the grant account. If the award is not received by the end of the approval
period, the PI must initiate another request to extend the period, or the account will be closed and expenses
moved to the alternate account.
For ORA Use Only
Pre-Award Effective Date: ____________________ Pre-Award Expiration Date: ____________________
Approved expenditure limit: $________________ Is this a Federal award that allows 90-day pre-award costs?
ORA Approval Signature Date
Alternate Account #: ________________
(to which expenses will be transferred should funding not come through)
Type of Account: ____________________________
(department, college, PI IDC, Start-up, etc.)
Yes No
If Federal - CFDA #:
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