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ORA-00-04 Indirect Cost Reduction Request Form; 6/16 Page 1 of 1
Section 4: Vice Provost of Research Authorization
Section 2: Sponsor Information
Section 3: PI and Department Chair/Dean Authorization
Project's total direct costs
Total Unrecovered IDC :
Requested IDC rate:
This form is to be used whenever a Principal Investigator seeks a full or partial waiver of indirect costs (IDC) as
published in UA’s federally-negotiated indirect cost rate agreement. See UA’s current IDC rates here: Please attach a draft copy of your project budget for review
and a copy of the specific Request for Proposal or Program Announcement if available. Please fill in the
required (outlined in red) fields, and obtain signature of your department chair or dean. Please forward to the
Office of Research Administration for review.
Section 1: Project Information
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