UIW offers a discount to families with multiple dependent siblings from the same household attending UIW. Only
siblings who are simultaneously enrolled as full-time undergraduate students on the Main Campus may apply.
DEADLINES: The Sibling Discount Application is due August 24, 2020 to be considered for Fall/Spring; and
January 11, 2021, to be considered for Spring only.
All siblings must be simultaneously enrolled as full-time, undergraduate, Main Campus students. Discounts
will not be applied until after census of each semester, when final enrollment is verified.
Discount amount is $500 per approved semester for each sibling.
Funds can only be applied towards tuition. Students who have other UIW scholarships, UIW discounts and UIW
grants may combine the awards as long as the total does not exceed full-time tuition. Discount cannot be applied
with athletic scholarships or ROTC waivers, and may affect veteran benefits.
Siblings must reside in the same household and be verified as dependents on the FAFSA application each year to
qualify, since funds are meant to support families who have multiple children at UIW.
Although not based on need, students must complete the FAFSA application and be classified as
dependents to apply. Funds from the Sibling Discount may impact other funds that are need-based.
Siblings must apply for the discount and the FAFSA every academic year. The discount may only be used during
Fall and Spring semesters and is not applicable to the Summer semester.
If eligible, all siblings will be notified of the award adjustment through BannerWeb once the form is processed.
The following items must be completed prior to turning in this scholarship application:
All students listed have completed the 2020-2021 FAFSA and are dependent students in the same household
All students listed are undergraduate students, enrolled full-time on the UIW main campus
All students are in good standing with UIW and are making satisfactory academic progress
Only one application is required per household.
Please list all siblings who are Main Campus undergraduates enrolled full-time for Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021:
Student One: Full Name UIW Student ID Number Expected UIW Graduation Date
Student Two: Full Name UIW Student ID Number Expected UIW Graduation Date
Student Three: Full Name UIW Student ID Number Expected UIW Graduation Date
Student Four: Full Name UIW Student ID Number Expected UIW Graduation Date
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2020-2021 Sibling Discount Application
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