Office Safety
Inspection Checklist
Instructions: This checklist addresses responsibilities and possible safety hazards which may
be present in an administrative work location. This form is to be completed by employees who
have been trained to perform safety inspections. To complete the checklist, employee
interviews and some records review will occur. Upon completion, the form is provided to all
managers and supervisors at the work location and one copy is provided to the safety
coordinator. For any items checked "Unsatisfactory", an explanation must be provided on an
attached sheet. Feel free to edit this form to suit your workplace.
Inspection Location
Agency Organization
1. Floor and aisles are free of litter and
spilled liquids (water, pens, paper, etc.)
Unsatisfactory N/A
2. Aisles are free of cords, boxes, chairs and
other tripping hazards
3. Desks or file drawers are closed when not
in use and only one drawer is used at a time
1. All office equipment is being used
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory N/A
2. Employees are properly positioned at their
desk and maintain good neutral posture
3. Employees are using their workstation
efficiently and avoiding stretching or
reaching for objects placed far away
1. Electrical devices have manager approval
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory N/A
2. All extension cords are in good condition
and are not frayed
3. Extension cords are not being used as
permanent wiring
1. All aisles are at least 36 inches wide
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory N/A
2. Doors are labeled as exits
3. Exit signs are installed and lit from an
internal or external source
4. Doors are not locked to prevent exit from
the building
5. Fire doors are not propped open
6. An evacuation plan is posted
7. Fire extinguishers and pull stations are in
the locations noted on the evacuation plan
8. Fire extinguishers are identified with signs
and not blocked
9. Fire extinguishers appear to be in good
condition and have been inspected
Other Inspection Items
1. All areas are well lit and lights are
functioning properly
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory N/A
2. Office equipment is kept at least 18 inches
from electrical cabinets
3. There are no observable drips or water
4. Flooring is in good condition and the
carpets are not ripped and tiles are not
broken or uneven
5. Employees are refraining from unsafe
behaviors (standing on chairs, etc.)
6. Warning signs are posted near hazards
(wet floors, repair work, etc.)
Inspector name(s) Date