Commercial Brokers Association Broker Roster Update (for all additions, changes, or deletions)
Designated Brokers or Managing Brokers who are not actively listing & selling commercial real estate are not required to join as
participating brokers and will not be charged monthly dues, however, are still required to complete this form.
Member Office Name: Office ID:
Member Office Address: City: State: _____ Zip_______________
Office Phone # Office Fax #
Section 1 User Type (check one)
Designated/Managing Broker with system access | Designated/Managing Broker NO system access (not charged dues)
Licensed Broker |
Assistant |
Assistant + access to full office inventory | Billing Contact | (not charged dues)
Section 2 New, Reactivate, Transfer, Update Profile, or Remove User (check one)
Add New Reactivate User ID #_________________ * Transfer - User ID# _________________
* If you have active listings, previous Designated Broker MUST complete a Listing Transfer Authorization form before activation
Update my CBA Profile Information Remove User (reason)_______________________________________________________
Last:______________________________________________First:______________________________ MI _____________
RE License # _______________________________________________ Expiration Date: _____________________________
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Mailing Address (if different from office address)
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Section 3 User Information
Preferred method of contact: Email Phone Text Other _________________________
What is your primary business focus:
Business Opportunities
What are the primary geographical areas you serve?
Southend/Vashon Island
Central/Southeast WA
Lewis/Thurston Counties
Spokane County
Snohomish County
North Counties
Northeast Washington
Pierce County
Olympic Peninsula
Other ______________________
Kitsap County
Southwest Washington
Years in Commercial Real Estate Industry? _______
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Commercial Brokers Association Broker Roster Update (for all additions, changes, or deletions)
Section 4 – User agreement
e user identified above by name (“User”), the and the member office with whom User is associated (“Member”) and
Commercial Brokers Association (“CBA”) hereby agree as follows:
Applicant warrants that he/she is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the above Member Firm/Branch and has read and agreed to be
bound by the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of CBA, as now in effect, and as hereafter amended or
Agreement Not To Disclose. Member and User acknowledge registration of password, in association with their User ID number for
use by User in connection with accessing the CBA System, owned and operated by CBA. User agrees not to disclose password to
any third party whomever (including but not limited to another member, a person associated with another member or any other
person associated with the Member's office) and acknowledges that any disclosure will jeopardize the security of the entire system
and cause irreparable injury to CBA, its members and all other users.
Penalties. In the event of any disclosure and/or use of the password by anyone other than User, an automatic fine of $480 may be
assessed by CBA against Member. In addition, disciplinary action may be taken against Member which may result in an additional
fine and in User's being deprived of use of a password for the CBA System for a specified period of time. Member agrees to pay
any such fines and User agrees to deprivation of use of a password for a specified period of time due to breach of this Agreement
by User. User agrees to reimburse Member for any fines assessed against Member for breach of this Agreement by User. Any
automatic fine which may be assessed against Member may be waived only by action of the Board of Directors of CBA. The
prevailing party in any suit arising out of this Agreement shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees.
Section 5 Authorization
signing below, I acknowledge and agree to the above terms of membership in CBA.
monthly user fees are billed to the Member firm, not individual users. Refer to Dues/Fee schedule for billing explanation. Consult with
your Designated Broker/Office Manager for questions regarding your office’s user fees.
e note: New Users are agreeing to a 6-month membership commitment. If you choose to cancel, you are still responsible for outstanding fees.
User Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: ___________________
Print Designated/Managing Brokers Name __________________________________________ Date: ___________________
Designated/Managing Broker’s Signature: __________________________________________ Phone: _________________
Return completed forms to:
Allow up to 24 hours for processing, business days only. New member information will be emailed to users.
Visit CBA website: for membership resources and tools.
For CBA Use Only: Date processed: __________ Initials: __________ Notes: ______________________________________________
CBA | 12131 113th Ave NE, Suite 101 | Kirkland WA 98034 | Ph. 800.275.2522 | Fax 425.821.9494|
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